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Live Skype sessions have been discontinued until further notice

By popular request - anyone can now enjoy a personal and confidential 'one on one' live chat session with ABB! Ask any question or share whatever you feel inspired to share in exchange for positive feedback, inspiration, intuitive direction and balance!

Instructions: Simply post a donation for the amount that corresponds with your mode and option to communicate. Donation requests, mode of communication and 'preset-time-slots' are as follows;

Via Skype

30 minutes - donate $150.00

20 minutes - donate $75.00

Via Telephone

(available to those who live in the USA only)

30 minutes - donate $55 - 20 minutes - donate $45

Click on the donation button (below) and post your donation along with a valid email address and I will contact you via email in order to arrange an date and time that's most feasible.

Anyone who donates $100 or more, will receive a complimentary gift (limited time offer)

CONFIDENTIAL         FUN         SIMPLE         EASY

This service is partly for entertainment purposes and to generate the resources to improve, sustain and expand this website and over-all ministry.

To make a payment via PayPal - simply use email address and be sure to add a note on your order which session deal you would like. Allow up to 3 days for a response.

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