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Who Is ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby?

Born Seer/Messenger/ Visionary and Multi-media Artist

Born and assigned the government name of Anthony Davis in Washington, DC - ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby was born with what many deem as a caul or veil, which in laments translates to a person who has a natural ability to sense, feel and even see elements beyond the typical five senses. At a very early age, ABB quickly realized that he was not thinking and behaving like most children in his age group. He would just know things that no one told or taught him or I would just say things would happen weeks, months and years beforehand and for sometime. “For a while, my friends and family thought that I was 'crazy' and very 'weird' but over time, they realized that I obviously had a gift that time would validate again and again but today, those same family members are some of my biggest supporters”, he states with a smile!

The deeper meaning behind the moniker name; 


Connected to or resembling the stars. Relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.


Anthony's nick name given to him by his beloved and dearly departed when he was a toddler... His mother and family members used to always say that he resembled Yogi the Bear's side-kick 'boo boo'.


Although many consider him wise beyond his years, he remains grounded and 'humble' by acknowledging that he is still a 'baby' in the greater scheme of the infinite divine order.

Astralboobaby is also a multi-gifted musician, songwriter, producer, singer and visionary. He spent years in his youth expressing and cultivating the aforementioned gifts as part of the ground breaking theater group, The Everyday Theater Youth Ensemble, whereby teens and young adults would come together and create socially conscious content using theater, music and the creative arts as a tool or vehicle to educate and empower at-risk inner-city youth. According to ABB, his time as a youth ensemble member was like a college, job, social and mental boot-camp all in one. He was challenged to come out of my insecurities, doubts, fears, while being given a platform to push boundaries and express himself without compromise. During this time, He also co-facilitated workshops, which helped to develop social interactions with people of diverse backgrounds. After nearly five years of traveling, performing and educating as a social outreach youth ensemble member. ABB reached the age limit contractually required for a member to be qualified as a 'youth' ensemble member and although, the he was offered a job as a manager or administrative side of the organization, he made the decision to expand his horizons. He eventually went on to go to get training and certification in office automatons at Prince George Community College. Not long after earning his certifications, He eventually went on to work approximately 5 years in private industry at two elite agencies.

"I quickly learned that very few among US are willing to sacrifice their economic and material comforts to be of service for a greater cause; receiving no immediate returns for 10 weeks, let alone 10 years and counting!"

~ Astralboobaby

His background and work experience ultimately lead him to become gainfully employed for 11 years for 2 elite agencies within the Federal Government under the umbrella of office management, property management, and logistics. He also spent a significant amount of time during these years as a faceless blogger on several major social media platforms. Here is where he had begun also lying the ground work for what was to come. Thus, contributing to the collective consciousness of humanity, while challenging conventional norms, on platforms, websites, and forums that received a lot of traffic. Admitting that He just didn't feel what he was doing was enough to really make an impact, he knew that He truly stand behind what he represent by putting his face in front of the message! In January of 2008, He had begun feeling a strong pull to do more! He felt that it was time to go to the next level and help with what he called a wave of the 'Great Awakening'. However, His job was so stressful that by the time he would get off from work, he didn't have the energy or will power to do anything else. ABB eventually found himself procrastinating a lot due to physical and mental fatigue from his day job. He come to the realization that although he was financially, economically and secured in employment but he was the most unhappiest in his life and his job was causing him to procrastinate his ultimate calling. He eventually made the boldest move in his life by resigning from his job position, in order to begin taking control and laying the ground work to completely devote his life to being a divine service on behalf of what he calls 'The Almighty Creator of ALL Creations'. It was time to take every piece of what I AM and all that I can and present it in the public domain in a way never before seen or heard!

"I resigned from my Federal Government job at the height of an economic crisis but somehow I just knew that I would be fine, so as long as I honor my higher covenant" ~ Astralboobaby

ABB had begun producing and uploading content onto the Youtube public platform in March of 2009. His content displayed a combination of his intuitive, creative, artistic, musical and theatrical training to create videos that were groundbreaking on multiple levels. He used his own drawings, graphics, music and unique editing style to entertain but most of all, he had done so in order to speak to those who were ready and willing to explore what he presented. In doing so, ABB became the first to ever create a focused lane and channel of any sort, anywhere on the internet! He is also the first black American to freely and publicly speak in such detail about such taboo subject matters on a major platform in such a unique, creative and flexible way. It was not long before many other viewers and established content makers who watched his videos had begun coming out of the astral projection and metaphysical closets to produce videos openly speaking on and share their experiences. Ten years later, the subject matter of astral projection, out of body experiences and metaphysics is one of the most popular, openly discussed subject matters in the world and rising!

ABB original art - Soul sharing from the core of His heart-light 

ABB original art - Soul sharing from the core of His heart-light

In 2010, ABB literally created his own member-based website from scratch, with no help and no previous knowledge of web design, website managing or desktop publishing. It was all trail by error and one of his most noted learning curves. He has publicly expressed that the creation of a website came by way of a higher divine power and when this is so, all things are possible! In the first 3 months online and in terms of traffic and engagement, ranked at approximately 900th thousand in terms of the all of the world's websites and was within the top 5% most visited websites under the site's platform host. This all happened with no budget to promote the website and no team of highly trained and sophisticated mangers, moderators and no clever marketing schemes.

"The years 2008 through 2010, were groundbreaking years for me on epic levels and I am very proud of what those years gave birth to!" ~ Astralboobaby

To rank globally at the position that we had and in such a short time not only showed that there was a great demand for the kind of content ABB was producing but it reinforced his sense that he was right on track! In essence, ABB was on the front line of sparking a global movement, one that inspired and galvanized countless others all across economic, racial, political and ethnic persuasions. Some of today's most influential and groundbreaking way-showers, teachers, star-seeds, warriors and revolutionaries of today's pure and genuine higher consciousnesses were awakened by the works of ABB. A few of them were privately coached, mentored and guided by ABB. 'Even in my sleep, I am working to help other souls by soul-traveling to be a guiding light for others who are lost or stuck in the lower astral realms,' says the trailblazer. He has always been open about how rewarding yet challenging the journey has been for him. Being the first to create a lane that was against the norm and grain came with some heavy sacrifices, unwanted hits, bruises and even evidence of covert censorship and sabotage by adversaries and people who live in fear but against all odds, he continues to push forward His goal of inspiring, uplifting, empowering and educating as many souls as possible, no matter the form of media or medium he chooses. In gist and in his own words “I simply want to awaken hearts and expand minds one light at a time.”

" You helped me out way back in 2012 or something, helped my life out a lot . Me and my baby momma. Now look at me. I got my own channel and doing good works just like you. Thanks teacher"

~ Trenius Henderson

Ten years ago to date, it was this webcam video that formerly introduced ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby to the world.

“Many of US have completely forgotten who and what we are within the larger picture. We are NOT our bodies or circumstances! We are infinite mind-consciousness, in a state of collective amnesia! In a nutshell, I've had revelations, visions, and visitations beyond anything that I could possibly describe! One of the greatest messages given to me is that we are apart of a hidden system that truly surpasses all understanding...” “Never over-identify with your temporal form or circumstance because doing so, will inevitably blind you of infinite possibilities!” ~ ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

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