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Exclusive Videos from ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby!

ABB Guided Meditation for Full-Body Healing and Calibration Attunement

Powerful Metaphor Relating to Water and Our Different States of Consciousness | ABB Classic Remix

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AstralBooBaby whereby a wide range of subject matters and interests

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First and Official Main Youtube Channel - Primary focus is the sharing personal experiences as it relates to seeing and traveling beyond the veil and the wisdom, science, prophesies, visions, revelations and messages gained as the result.

Alternate channel - primary focus; providing my opinion, review as well as sharing experiences with important social issues that matters most to me.

(240) 543-2852

ATTN: ABB a.k.a Astralboobaby

PO Box 1747

Landover MD., 20785

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