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The Miracle of MAWAB Oil

The Miracle of MAWAB

My name is Betoi,

In February of 2011, my life changed as a result of an unexpected yet surprising spiritual awakening. I was guided by other worldly Beings to create something to assist with the Ascension of mankind. Interestingly enough, I had no clue what the word "ascension" meant nor had I heard the term until that time. I now lovingly present to you the gift of MAWAB Oil (Make A Wish and Believe)

The creation of MAWAB took over 6 weeks, my attention, dedication, and love went wholeheartedly into this project. I was honored to have been trusted to have carried out this mission because it took absolute integrity on my part. The Beings involved in this process were very specific about the Oil's ingredients, and the fact that the ritual to bring the powers into the oil was to be done on March 19, 2011 which was the day of the Super Full Moon. I want to make it clear that just a month prior to this awakening, I was just an ordinary guy living my life. Therefore, communicating with Beings I never knew existed, and performing rituals was not the norm for me. My story is one that falls under the "truth is stranger than fiction" category. To make matters more interesting, on March 5, 2011, the Beings provided me with five names of individuals that I was not familiar with who were to be the first to receive the oil. Thank goodness my wife has impeccable research skills and was able to locate these individuals and make contact with them. At the time the oil was being created, it was not made clear by the Beings why these particular individuals where selected. It has since been revealed the very divine reason these individuals were chosen, and I want to express my sincere thanks to them for being present again in this NOW for without them, the MAWAB would have been incomplete since the final key to activating the oil was held within each one of them. One of the chosen ones was Astral Boo Baby which was described by the Beings as ,"The One who is the glue that binds all this together, he is the etheric 5th element"

Another specific that was not given at the time the oil was created was what it could do or who it can help with ascension. The only thing I was shown was that the oil would act as a beacon of light to others. I was shown light coming out of humanity and shooting up into the sky and beyond (the best way I can describe it). It was later understood that the reason the Beings did not get too descriptive about what the oil would do is because the oil is uniquely specific to the individual user. This is why the first 5 recipients of the MAWAB Oil were encouraged to contact me within a few weeks of using the Oil to provide an update on their personal experiences ,which were all positive. Since 2011, the MAWAB Oil has only been gifted to a small group of individuals. We have finally been given the green light to make this Oil available to all who want it. I am honored to have been a part of this miracle, and thrilled that more of you can join me and the others who have already experienced MAWAB.

If you love the oil, tell a friend !! MAWAB has it's own life force, it expands and becomes more powerful with the light that is inside each one of us. We are truly ONE. This was the most profound truth that was shown to me by the Beloved Beings who guided me in creating this sacred oil. They told me that the MAWAB will spread like a "Love Virus"

Directions for use;

A drop of oil goes a very long way, and can be mixed with lotions or shampoo, etc, therefore, just one vial can last a long time, and can be used in one of the following ways:

1 to 2 drops rubbed into hands daily OR use as a massage oil

MAWAB Oil can be used any way you feel comfortable. There is no wrong way to use the Oil. MAWAB is made with all natural ingredients. However, it is NOT the ingredients that give the MAWAB it's power, but the alchemy and magic in it. Don't forget to make a wish !!!

The MAWAB oil has been reported to have done the following:

  • Healing

  • Helps with Depression

  • Boosts Energy levels

  • Grows Hair

  • Repairs Hair follicles

  • Spiritual Protection (shields from psychic attacks)

  • 3 people reported that the MAWAB gave them the ability to speak their truth (confidence)

  • Makes magical items more powerful when anointed with the MAWAB

  • Pineal Activation (helps to de-calcify the pineal gland)

  • Increased Psychic Abilities

  • Increased lucid dreams and enhanced astral travel experiences

  • Enhances meditative state and experience

  • Activates DNA

  • Repels negative entities or attachments

  • Detox from chemtrails


It is wise when first using the MAWAB oil to do so around bedtime until you know how your body will react to it. The reason for this is there have been a few reports of sleepiness in some of the recipients. This does not last for long, however, we wouldn't want you to be at work when first trying the oil, and fall asleep. MAWAB is best used daily, don't forget to make a wish. If you are not sure what to wish on....wish for unconditional love for humanity for that is what it's all about.

If you are an individual who is very sensitive to energies, we recommend you start with just a little oil to see how it impacts you. If the energies are too much, the MAWAB can be used every other day until you become used to it.

We'd like feedback on what MAWAB has done for you. Each time we think we have heard all the miraculous things MAWAB has done, someone contacts us reporting something new. We can be reached at


"Almost immediately after beginning to use the MAWAB Oil, I noticed immediate spiritual growth in my self. New opportunities have opened up to me as a result. I also feel the MAWAB Oil has helped me to better connect with my spirit guides. Much of what the MAWAB Oil has done for me is very personal, so it is difficult for me to share in words as to the true benefit and impact it has had on my life. I firmly believe MAWAB Oil has, and still continues to lead me to my true destiny."

Testimonial from Elaine of

“MAWAB was introduced to me about three years ago - at a time when I was exerting a lot of energy but I wasn’t doing enough to balance myself. As a result, I felt very drained, unmotivated, withdrawn and wearisome. However, after I had taken MAWAB, I noticed a relatively quick change! My energy levels were restored and the resolve to be victorious over in all that I had before me has produced reflective fruits! To this very day; I continue to use MAWAB as a tool of energetic and spiritual equilibrium”. –

Testimonial from

ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

"I have used Mawab oil for 3 years now. I find it has a very high vibration and use it for many different purposes. It can work in meditation, clearings, healings, blessings, or any positive work. It can be applied directly to the body or tool and can be used as a candle dressing. While I never tried it, I think it would make an excellent massage oil as well. If you are looking for an all around oil that is full of amazing energy then mawab oil is the one to choose. I truly believe that it was divinely inspired and will help bring us to a new level of consciousness."

Review by L.H

I tried some MAWAB Oil. A friend bought some for me. I really liked it. I rubbed some on my third eye and I immediately felt slight tingles. Also I was increasing my Lucid Dream Awareness while using it. I also ingested some in order to help boost my energy which it did. I really love the Oil and I hope to get some more in the future! Your product has really blessed me in getting closer to my goals and I thank you so much for it. You're doing wonders for so many and thank you for everything. 

Best of wishes my friend!

A. Eblen

Experience the Wonder of MAWAB and place your order now!

MAWAB OIL 1 oz. (30mil) w/dropper

Unit Price: $35.00

plus shipping and handling

MAWAB OIL 1/2 oz (15ml) w/dropper

Unit Price: $20.00

plus shipping and handling

MAWAB OIL 1/4 oz. without dropper

Unit Price: $10.00

plus shipping and handling

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