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Above, is the image of another prominent figure in the religious community (this is not Pastor Dwayne Dawkins) and his wife and a still frame of him being secretly recorded, while having relations with another man. The video was uploaded a few years ago and started a firestorm of controversy. The married downlow man was so distraught over the scandal that he was (allegedly) placed on suicide watch.

Although there have been countless videos of people being secretly recorded, while having sex with another or others (orgies) without their consent or awareness since the publishing of my very first video warning of these times…. I’ve decided to use the latest sex scandal involving a married Pastor by the name of Dwayne Dawkins and another man as not only another teachable moment but a starke reminder of just how real and widespread these scenarios are and will continue to be.

With the emergence of popular websites such as; OnlyFans and private subscription base sites, such as Patreon, there has been massive surgencies of influencers with a very large audience and platforms as well as everyday people, seeking to profit by way of producing XXX adult content on said platforms -- the surge and interest to compete for an opportunity to get well paid and/or famous for producing riske' content appears to be tempting many far and wide and reasonably so, because according to - content makers of pornographic media are among the top 10 money earners of OnlyFans.

As you view one of my archived videos (below) where I address the connection between depression and our sexual activity – you will also hear me give very clear and specific warnings, eerily identical to not only the aforementioned Pastor but many others, since the publishing of my predictive warnings, nearly ten years ago.

Since I am not interested in outing anyone particularly or airing-out anyone’s dirty laundry, I will continue presenting my predictive warnings and revelatory content in a way that addresses highly likely trajectory, based on the behavioral patterns that I witness at the moment of the reading and not the specific name(s) of the person(s) who are participating in the behavior.

In closing, some of my most loyal viewers and supporters will contact me and to make me aware of a prediction and reading that I had made in the past that has played out – just as well, I will also post and share reminders and paper trails every now and then, so that my YOU may be inspired to remain alert and ahead of the curb. Hence, WATCH YOUR STEP as you travel out and about through the most interesting times in world history!

One of Astralboobaby’s Earlier Video’s Predictive Warning About Sex, Lies and Video Tapes;

Viral Video of Married FL. Pastor On Camera Having Sex With Another Man;

Due to continued ghost banning, censoring and suppression of comments, commentary and content of specific subject matters on all popular media platforms – I have decided to post this bit of intel and reminder on this platform instead. I encourage you to share this link with those you feel would be most receptive…

For starters, I would like to state for the record that if you are reading this blog – CONGRATULATIONS on making such a huge shift but we are not completely out of the woods yet – as more of us accelerate in frequency; the opposition will be pushing more ‘rumors’ of a HOT war, which I do not see playing out on the timeline that we are on. However, the war on the mind; the free flow of information and the soul rages on via AI (artificial intelligence) and spiritual warfare. I would be remiss if I were not to state that this ‘covid’ situation is politicized (by design), which is one of the reasons why all things in relation to it, has gone as so much longer than it would have under a system that truly cares about the fair and equal treatment of all life but I digress.

This blog is here to bring some attention to another prediction that I had made that is beginning to unfold. If any of you guys would care to look at my very first livestream on YouTube; March 20, 2020 and a couple of other livestreams not long after the first one – you will see that how accurate most of my readings on covid-19 has been, including the ‘potential’ that the said virus was/is man-made. Some of you may already recall that I had stated that the number of deaths due to covid would be ‘inflated’ in order to scare and/or frighten more people into consenting to be vaccinated. Lol and behold; this video showed up on my timeline feed;


One thing that I have learned about this God-driven ability and/or gift, is that whenever I ‘see’, ‘dream’ or ‘sense’ all-things ‘unseen’, and it’s unwavering and unshakable – I have yet to be off -- here’s why I trust my intuition like never before! More fascinating predictions to come and trust, in the biggest scheme of things – all of these events unfolding is for a greater good.


As more revelations and massive secrets and truths are incrementally being revealed or shall I say ‘unveiled’ – I encourage you to remain your authentic self; be mindful of who you are sharing your energy with (especially those who are sexually active) and most of all, continue to question, learn and grow!

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