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Prince Speaks From The Otherside - Predictions CONFIRMED

Back in May of 2016, I was summoned (if you will) to the astral plane to participate in a gathering for the artist the world has come to know as Prince. At the time, I had no 'conscious' memory as to why I was called and why Prince of all celebrities? It wasn't like I was a fan, follower or supporter because I sure wasn't but like so many other revelations I've come to clearly ultra-stand, the deeper meaning behind that past experience has come full circle. Not only was Prince watching some of my content and content similar to mine before passing but he too was a natural astral traveler and he was super present and conscious of there being more to him, us and the universe than meets the eye! Not only that, I now know that we are apart of the same soul-group and that he's chosen to give me special downloads to share with the public! I've also interacted with him on other planes of consciousness since my first and only Youtube video about him but it is not for me to share any of the aforementioned nor what our astral meetings were all about but in due time, I surely will.

In the interim, I would like to challenge anybody to find any other video by another psychic, channeler or intuitive who has shared any predictions that I stated would come to be regarding Prince since his passing, as accurate as what was shared in the video below? For example, Prince ex-wife Mytae did an interview about a year after his passing and she was asked by the interviewer if she heard the songs in his vault? She said 'yes' but the songs were very spiritual and that Prince told her that he didn't feel the world was ready for them (songs), exactly as stated in this video! Also, only one song was released from the vault since Prince passing and it's' titled 'Deliverance'. If those lyrics in that song don't match what I've stated about Prince's being on a higher state of awareness and enlightenment, I don't know what it does? No full album was released yet because Warner Brothers probably thought that the vault would have 'salacious' 'worldly' songs! There's more! Prince's hairdresser did an interview admitting that Prince wanted to cut all of his hair off and go short and natural right before he passed! What about all of the info. that's has come to surface regarding his work in helping and empowering black women? Which again, I stated in the video back then... More will certainly unfold as time as we know it marches on but for now, please take a moment and watch one of my most genuine shares from the other side to date!

Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia literally confirms in an interview with Ashleigh Banfield, that the music in Prince's vault were 'masterpieces' but wasn't something that the world would be ready for while alive but ready for now in death (hinting the deeper spiritual, conscious and enlightened nature of it) - just as I stated in my Prince video a year ealier... Click on the link;

The only 'new' music released from Prince's vault - nothing but highly spiritual and enlightened content,

just as I stated in my 2016 video about Prince!

The first and only video that I had done regarding Prince and several revelations and predications that

has sense been validated by people who were closest to him or within his circle.

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