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Calibration/Intuitive Reading - Why Are So Many Vegans Getting Sick?

At the request of a long time viewer and former vegan - I was asked to perform an intuitive and calibration reading as to why has there been such an increase in grave illnesses and even deaths as it relates to those who are on a strick vegan diet... Moreso, why are the stories, confessionals and likes so under reported in the media (rethorical question)...

Having stated the aforementioned - I decided to post this video because it has aspects of me using my gift to discern and read what is not so obvious to the naked eye or typical five senses. This video (as with so many others) is also one of the most ghost blocked and censored on the Youtube platform. As with all of my predictions, prophesy and inutuitive videos - my readings will be validated in their due time.


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