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The heavy overcoat

Posted by Livs on September 8, 2013 at 11:55 AM

The heavy overcoat .

When a soul is born into a body , bring it a supply of life, as it is meant to be able to corrode and supplies of a lifetime. This supply is ample to develop the man who is born with perfectly conscious , harmonious and balanced in relation to that which is the goal.

This store is not stored in the human body , but from the consciousness , the higher self that existed before the personality formed.

Man is born only with the character traits and opportunities - tools , to develop it, ' which is still new territory for the soul.

When the baby starts to develop its own personality, given to the characteristics and opportunities facing the world open.

I know the soul well, and usually get infants and very young children also just acceptance and unconditional love .

The first two years formed the speech center , and the child learns or trying to learn to communicate.

In the age of three starts independence knocking, and the child is trying to communicate its borders and needs based . Furthermore, being traits more visible.

Imagination develops and child talking aloud to himself to keep track of both fantasy , reality and independence. The child also begins to be alone with himself - ie . play alone .

If " the overcoat " has not announced its arrival before it does so now. For now living child not in symbiosis with his mother, but also discovered his father and himself.

And this is where the ugly usually happens, the child is now showing determination and defiance. What we call despite age. A necessity to create its own core and bounds.

But then comes the father and mother , and since other and communicate: " I do not like you when you're like that." So understand , " when you contradict me or exhibit behaviors that do not conform to my wishes or maxims so punished you .

Now we have moved away from unconditional love to the love of conditions and it is also ok to show your child what appropriate behavior is , (but must be remembered that it is often subject to norms and community and parental own fear of rejection ) But there is only thing is that the soul does not operate with appropriate behavior, but express themselves freely , clean and clear. Rebellion From the child happens only when personality is at risk and living rules are threatening to the self.

It's probably closer to us , that would look a little on why the child says from or react with aversion . - The child might have a different life energy than us.

Just think of Mozart. If he had not been allowed to use his life energy to play . - But he was lucky to have a music teacher for dad , and benefited understanding and acceptance + opportunity to develop his qualities and abilities .

If his father had found that music was nonsense not earned a living , but had sent Mozart out to earn a living since childhood , he had probably evolved to become frustrated , aggressive and life- threatened.

The stores , which the soul has to draw on the energies is different from person to person . Our strengths are in different locations . Mozart was therefore already in the age of five writing sonatas .

This discomfort when " overcoat " of norms , others' opinions and needs + denial begins to slink down upon us, occur mostly unconsciously.


It hurts when mom and dad do not like me and refuse me the love and attention that I need , but I have since got to be me, so I continue to react and behave as it is natural for me . But oh, it hurts to be punished and denied. But what should I do? Because I am so compelled to cover my needs.

Well yes, I can see that the other cheats to get his way . They just do it , (ie the forbidden ) when no one sees it , and so they will not be punished.

It was the dishonesty and mistrust that started in here .

Well of course , you could just lie and avoid punishment and less love.

Well of course , you could just speak after her mouth and ape behavior!


It hurts so much to be themselves , that separates itself from its inner core that will only love, and thus loses its connection to its stores of clarity , emotion and energy , and it will continue to move further and further away , as you realize that no one is interested in one when you are yourself . One gets the punishment, and it hurts to maintain its own energy and determination , which enables feels secluded , lonely and not understood.

One's needs are the very man , and that is what you see when kids smoke into the next

riot / detachment phase , namely puberty.

Here are the wild . The more misguided and alienated they have been for himself, the wilder and more destructive partying and they fought the his aggressions out .

It's just that they do not have it in. they have lost the basis for comparison . Namely their own , and there are only surrogates and plagiarisms back .

After this wild and rebellious period , which can take several years , they begin to resign because it does not lead to anything good , and one can only hope that they have one or more role models in their lives, so they can begin to search inward to the source, their ressurcegrundlag . ( the properties soul wants to cultivate , and as the energy is . )

Most people find a thread that they delude themselves and others into thinking that they are happy with . But while running the internal dialogue on and continue the rest of your life with self-inflicted torture . But that is what we are using surrogates , togetherness and noise - to inhibit the sound from the ever medsnakkende voice that tells of dismay. The voice is heard mostly in silence and alone - but it can be prevented , and it will be mostly because they see no way out and no alternative - energy is not what it feels like .

It is the people's opinions and voices them as they heard as children - " when you do this , I do not like you" , etc. running around in my head .

Just being there now the difference that in order to avoid having to listen to and exposed to criticism , the external behavior now gradually changed and become more general , ie . not stand out, and faded , and bad behavior can and will be assigned to , "that the others do not see and hear , they can not hurt you " ( going alone or with strangers or non-threatening people, for example . wife , husband , children , or others who do not dare say no. ) . " I was drunk " , or - " I was not myself."

The inner dialogue continues and continues to run , and it may well be that the external world is reasonably satisfied, but in the interior, has taken over the voices of condemnation and suffer from low self-esteem - and in his mind not so happy, as they had once dreamed of when the world was still open.

Therefore seen suicide from some of page , where you do not expect it . For example . her the funny and always smiling. Suddenly she takes sleeping pills and put clogs .

It is just that the world is ALWAYS open for the one who can see the possibilities . But a closed mind can not see anything . It has given up and claims no chances .

Even it may be that opportunities and chances offered , but the fear of not being good enough, do not turn to dare seize the opportunity, make that avoids raising - and stagnate .

And it's overcoat , the tongue. All which are glued on one, but not one's own .

It is necessary decoding to find in to his inner core and life energy.

Bringing out - extricate themselves

In - entangle the yarn overcoat is spun off.

For the soul was not made ​​to be clasped by gravity and alienation, but to be free and weightless.

The soul was in order to burn the candle at visibility, self-acceptance and joy.

Maintain themselves and be loved for exactly the personality, the inner core is.

To the outer world reflects the inner world and vice versa.

To give "God" right that his creations are perfect, and therefore we are also born with just the tools and personality traits necessary to offer up that the world can be enriched.

We create our lives and is ultimately and as adults solely responsible for our lives with the right to say yes, yes, no, no!


God's Word:

"Your speech should be, yes, yes, no, no.

The lukewarm, I will spew out of my mouth. "


Since we are all one / one, it will say that with God in us, we will, if we do not stand for yes, yes, no, no, but say one thing and do another, spewing ourselves of our own lives .

We deny both "God" and ourselves. The circle goes both ways. We are in God and God is in us.

But fortunately for us, is God in his almighty love so certain that he has coded his creation so that we ultimately wins the knowledge and wisdom enough to live in the love of ourselves, others, and God - even if it were take thousands of lives.

But why waste life and time?

There is only love, everything else is cheating and illusion.

It seems as if life were an obstacle course, but the fact is that at the moment when we give up the struggle with ourselves and almost comes acceptance and love of oneself.

Combat is a lie.

Love Livs


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Reply Jah 3000
6:27 PM on September 26, 2013 
That's deep too!
Reply Livs
2:08 PM on September 12, 2013 
Thank you Maria aka Xc.
Reply Maria aka Xc
1:57 PM on September 12, 2013 
Just marvelous! I just did a forum "The battle between Eros and Thanatos" and I have to say; that if anyone is skeptical of why we are the way we are; and why we choose certain paths in life: they should read your blog here. You painted a very clear picture Livs!

All of us, to certain degrees have had our desires; our true identity; shot down right from the beginning - whether it was our own families; society; or our own self-sabotage.