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Right to disturb

Posted by Soulwarrior on July 27, 2013 at 7:20 AM
Aquarian law. Brothers and sisters. We need a new law for the aquarian age - a law that does not prohibit us from disturbing each other. Up to this point, it has been a crime to disturb your neighbor. There is a name given for this prohibition: "lack of respect or consideration aka antisocial behavior". Think about it. If being disturbed is the only way for some people to see themselves ( become self aware ), are we not doing them a disfavor by prohibiting each other from disturbing our neighbor into greater self awareness? Do you really think it is possible to wake someone up who does not want to wake up, without making him disturbed in the process? It is never comfortable to look into the mirror - it is however extremely rewarding for the growth of your spirit. It is inevitable to not be uncomfortable when someone forces you to see yourself. And if the first reaction to the disturbing mirror is to break it by going into defense mode" i dont wanna look at myself, so if you dont leave me alone ill call the police ". And do you not think that the police will gladly assist anyone who does not want to be disturbed from his sleep? Do you not think the power elite profits greatly from people remaining unconscious, ignorant and asleep? So why do you call the police as soon as you are disturbed into looking at yourself? Is it because you lack the courage to face the mirror without violence or running to the police? Are you not defending ignorance? Do we want police officers to defend ignorance, or do we want them to prevent crime? Police officers should not involve themselves in personal affairs between people, but they should keep themselves focused on solving crime. People are now mature enough in their consciousness to handle their own conflicts without middle men in uniforms standing between them? In conflict there is potential for growth, awareness, and higher understanding and friendship. All greater understanding and friendship starts as conflict. Conflict brings people closer together. And if conflict is necessary for growth and higher understanding, is it not dangerous to prevent any conflict from ever happening between neighbors? If neighbors are not allowed to disturb each other, they will never understand each other - they will always remain strangers. And strangers are always prejudiced against each other. Life is a choice between conflict or prejudice. Conflict leads to understanding, understanding leads to peace. Avoidance leads to prejudice - prejudice leads to tension. The right to be disturbed and to cause conflict must be maintained in a society if that society is going to have a chance of growing and becoming more self aware. If the first reaction is to destroy the first mirror when it is challenging you to see yourself, is it not a society built on ignorance? Love does not say the things you want to hear that make you comfortable; love says the things you dont want to hear but will make you grow. - soulwarrior


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