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Posted by AstralBooBaby on January 9, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Many of you have heard me say as well as others “raise your vibrations” but I think that there is still some confusion as to what we mean by this and why ‘raising our vibration’ is so very important, especially in this particular cycle that we are in... One of the very first things that I remembered and learned first hand by way of my many out of body, inter-dimensional and astral projection experiences is that the universe operates on magnetic energies, organic light and consciousness. In fact, third density matter is simply energy condensed or compressed together within a slow vibratory bandwidth of a multitude of expressions! To make my point a lot simpler or easiest to digest in this regard – let me use the analogy of ice… In its purest form within 3rd density, water is very fluid and never really disappears, it only transforms. Water is very fluid and interchangeable but when it is frozen (greatly slowed down in vibration), it becomes ice. However, under a lot of heat (heavily increased in vibration) ice melts and become fluid again. When and if water remains heated or chilled (variable speeds in vibration) it will become steam, vapor or mist… Now, lets say that our present earth is like a massive orb of ice floating in a super massive body of water (the universe) and the side of the universe that this orb of ice starts accelerating in vibration and starts heating up and elements and portions of that earth starts melting and merging parts of itself with the greater massive body of water. What remains with that orb of ice will be parts that didn’t accelerate and ‘match’ in vibration enough to transform or shift. So you see, as the vibration accelerates and changes the molecules, they are then magnetized or shifted to parts of existence that supports its vibratory form or expression. This is similar to what is happening on earth at this time… We are literally in a long stream of energy that is speeding up and accelerating the molecules and energy of this world (cold world) and only those who can acclimate and match the speed of the accelerated vibration will eventually ride the wave into a higher state of awareness, existence and consciousness. Those of us, who can’t or won’t raise our vibrations enough to match the change in frequency, will remain with all that is left, after this band or stream of energy has ended its cosmic cycle.



Literally and figuratively; our physical body is mostly comprised of water! Therefore, in an analogical way, our physical form is the equivalent to ice! So, when we say ‘raise our vibrations’ we are essentially advising that we work towards accelerating or warming up our core enough to match the vibrations that will make us more receptive to being a little or a lot more ‘fluid’ and BE ONE with the greater reality or the ALL of existence itself. We cannot raise our vibrations if/when we are in a perpetual state of fear, hatred, worry, anger, depression, sickness and terror. I’ve learned that these conscious energies play a major role in keeping the ice cold (so to speak) and we are far more likely to be ONE with the lower mind and the ways of this ‘cold’ world. When we give most or all of our focus and energies into lowly (cold) emotions, energy and vibrations, we are far more likely to match the vibrations and thought forms from a cold and brutal mind and intent. So many of us are still worried about the potential damages of chemtrails; poisons in the food, nano technology, frequency manipulation, etc., but if ones vibrations is raised high enough, NONE of these things can harm us or manifest in our reality. Why is this so? It is because electro-magnetic energy plays a huge role in this game. Therefore, in order for low vibratory vices to stick, take form or manifest in our reality or physical form – we MUST match their vibration! Do you see? This is why so much work is being put into planting and promoting mindlessness, fear, confusion, terror, hate, death and destruction by those who wish to keep us from raising our vibrations. They understand that in order for any of these things to manifest and take hold – the mind of the Being MUST receive it either by way of believing in it or matching the frequency of the vices that are being used to lock down expression or consciousness. The opposition knows that wherever attention flows, energy goes and conscious energy is what gives power to reality! They understand that if we ‘mind’, it will ‘matter’ (mind over matter) and again, this is why low-vibratory music, entertainment, news, belief systems, programs, etc., is so heavily promoted and pushed and HIGH-vibratory information in the same regard is being heavily censored, hidden or suppressed!



How do we raise our vibrations? There are many ways to do this but I will share with you the ONE solid foundation that if applied, everything else will fall into place! That is to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY! I know how difficult it may be for many of us to love ourselves unconditionally, especially if you have been brainwashed and/or conditioned to believe that you don’t have a single reason to like yourself, let alone LOVE yourself. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the highest vibration in existence, which simply mean to hold no ill-intent, bias, judgments and concerns – to simply DO and BE YOU and allow others BE the same. To love ourselves unconditionally is to truly love the Almighty Creator or Source energy because you are an expression of him/her/it! Just think back to when you were in love or if you’ve ever seen anyone who is deeply in love… Bombs could be going off around one who is in love or it could be raining cats and dogs but they just walk around joyful and seemingly unaffected by what’s going on in the world. The only thing a person who is in love wants to feel and be is that love. Of course the example that I had just given is a biological form of love but just imagine if we can get to this state about ourselves first and remain in this state? When we are in a state of true unconditional love of self, we are far less likely to embrace low-vibratory energies. We are far less likely to entertain low-vibratory energies and thought forms. We are far less likely to inflict harm, pain or danger on another or ourselves. We will not be attracted to low-vibratory thought forms, behavior and expressions and visa versa. When we truly love ourselves unconditionally, we will magnify this ‘love-life’ and magnify the mighty I AM presence! It will radiate power, energy and wonder that can literally and figuratively move mountains! We will be a shinning example of one who defied the odds, time and time again. So in closing, take advantage of the window of opportunity that we have now… So let go of all that binds and BLINDS US and lets ride this incredible wave to the high heavens!


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Reply AfrikaandtheUniverseisinME
9:43 PM on January 16, 2013 
Hi, I'm new to spirituality and for the longest time I dismissed many thing that had to do with spirituality and religion, partly because I thought the two were synonymous and I have never understood the concepts of modern religion. I have been reading a lot about spirituality and have ran into so many different ideas and concepts that its hard to know which one to follow. I believe my interest in spirituality has always been there but I do believe that learning about my ancestors and their way of life really inspired to me believe that modern science doesn't and isn't designed to explain the unknown. If anyone has any suggestions for a beginner vibrations..astral projection etc... Please!! let me know..I'm very open to suggestions.
Reply Raven
7:47 AM on January 16, 2013 
Reply Seeker
6:01 PM on January 11, 2013 
Well put, Boo.

Have, or any one else noticed... Recently I notice that the 'higher' the vibration the smoother life flows... smoother and calmer? Though there is constant movement it seems... well... almost slower with no loss of time?

Love, hugs, hope and blessings.
Reply Maria aka Xc
8:18 PM on January 9, 2013 
1. I have seen for myself, how the term 'raising your vibrations' can be taken out of context or 'watered down' if you may. There seems to be this belief / misunderstanding by some (and by some, I'm referring to viewers on youtube) that raising your vibrations is primarily associated with your ability to AP, and any other corelations are just added benefits. The analogy you offered paints a clear picture that many, if not all can grasp.

2. It sure does take more energy to live down in a low vibratory state; I think a lot of us get stuck in 'comfort zones' which I like to call 'zombie state' and any chance of raising it, is cause for alarm for many. I'm reminded of a phrase we tell our little ones - "Don't take candy from strangers!" But yet, isn't that what we as adults are doing - feeding into everything that is wagged infront of us.

3. A few days ago, as I sat down to read the newspaper, I decided to take a glance at the weather on TV, which I have not watched in weeks. I literally forgot how to use the remote control. I mention this to prove that bad habits can be broken, one step at a time, making room for positive changes to occur; consequently raising our vibrations at the same time. I'm not saying that one should never watch TV , for it still has its use and purpose.

4. "If we mind it will matter" (mind over matter)... I think I will write this in the palm of my hand tomorrow morning; every shield helps!.

5. "Love yourself unconditionally" - This has always been my biggest, and most challenging aspect of my life. It didn't matter how many times I was told 'I love you' or 'you're so loving'. I could not offer it to myself, for I was operating from a place filled with all the ugliness we as humans carry around. But I have done major clearing these last two months, which has allowed my true essence to surface, bringing with it lightness and clarity that I never thought was possible.

Thank you ABB for stating the above in a way that is clear and concise. Surf's up!