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Signs of a heart activator/connection

Posted by Marie <3 on April 6, 2015 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (4)

Unfortunately, many of us don't see the sign of a heart activator and label them unfairly and end up in pain. This connection is so deep and opens your heart chakra, that we wrongly assume it's a 'divine connection' like a TF or a soulmate. Actually, it's one-sided and not seeing it as such can create karma when there is no need to. Even though self-love has to come from within, sometimes an outside source is needed to 'trigger' us into the self-love route. Some can be in pain for a long time as they struggle to see the lesson within this 'connection' that is actually a catalyst for self-love.

So what is a heart activator? Simply put, these people open us up to LOVE and show us a glimpse of unconditional love for a moment - they are heart catalysts. This connection will fade for the one who opens your heart quite quickly but for those on the receiving end, it can be very difficult to face as we feel cheated and our ego's fight for justice. The purpose of a heart activator is to balance and cleanse us for a higher vibrational love for ourselves and others. Ego will fight it, mind will try to make sense of it but the soul is already aware. This can be quite a challenge for most.

So how do you spot this connection that feels like love? Well, it's like love. A deep love. The main trick is to shoot the energy you get inwards and upwards, not outwards towards your heart connection or keeping the rays within our sexual chakra. Shooting it outwards or downwards brings on toxic unhealthy habits and this is when a disillusion takes place which causes pain.

Below are some pointers of a heart catalyst (and you can also see why these 'signs' can also be confused for twin flame or soulmate 'signs' as they are similar to those posted all over the web, which are misleading by the way) and the causes for this disillusion in brackets to help you see the signs and the reasons for them so you can deal with it before it gets to the point where ego starts running the show. Not all these will take place but most. Above all, I say trust yourself on whether you have more than just a heart activator on your hands (always, always center and look into the heart chakra and ask your soul for the truth). 


  1. You have an instant connection with this person. They might not be your usual type. You attract each other like magnets (the universe needs to do this to make you stop and listen to your inner) and you feel you know them (again, universe at play).
  2. The connection is so deep, it knocks you off your feet and doesn't seem to fade much (but it won't be a warm glow in your heart, rather in your lower chakras to disempower you from Self, it's a nasty ego trick as it fears it may now die).
  3. You enter 'heaven' for a while and everything is great - you feel as if you never really loved until this point (check yourself for any unhealed shadows - the more shadows, the more this connection intenstifies).
  4. Similar everything but distinctly different. They are like a double of you (well, the universe has to get your attention somehow so why not appeal to our own vain ego selves).
  5. Intense sexual attraction takes place (you feel the energy mainly in your sacral chakra and it's also an obsession phase).
  6. You feel 'pulled' towards this person, even if you know something isn't gelling 100% you ignore it (the ego masks it so you don't learn to listen to your soul so it can go on living).
  7. This person you feel insatiable towards - almost like you need to brand them as your own (obsession).
  8. You get jealous, angry or disappointed with other people being around him/her and feel you are not good enough for them (fear).
  9. It's fine for three-six months then things start falling apart (because the heart has been opened enough now and the connection is no longer needed, the catalyst is normally unaware of what they have started).
  10. Drama is huge in this 'relationship' that may or may not even be a relationship at all (big warning right there - there is no relationship or friendship but your egon will insist there is anyway).
  11. You try to make a relationship work but something doesn't jive or your connection runs off (the one-sidedness takes place as the heart catalyst has now done their job).
  12. Possessiveness is a number one trait in those trying to make this 'connection' more than what it is (fear of losing from an ego's point of view).
  13. The heart connection comes back a few times until you've learnt to shoot the energy inwards and upwards (this happens when we fail to see what needs to be done - shooting the energy through our hearts to God/Source/Creator).
  14. You and him/her start arguing and the more you force things between you both, the nastier it gets (creating karma).
  15. You are plagued with worry (obsession&fear) when they aren't around.
  16. They are not available to you either physically or emotionally but you refuse to let go (inner child trauma/abandonment).
  17. Your shadows start emerging (this isn't a bad sign, heal them while you can).
  18. The unhealthy shadows of him/her start to appear and is sometimes mistaken for a mirror (in contrast to a mirror, this is a warning sign this person has not yet connected to their own soul purpose).
  19. You feel an unnatural fear of your world collapsing if they left you (this is again, ego, and you must claim your power back).
  20. You start labelling the connection and he/she doesn't deny or confirm it (take it as a sign that they are as unaware as you and start the innerwork).


Remember, a heart catalyst/activator/connection is simply put to you so you can learn to get back to the Creator and Self.

Not all the pointers above are just heart ones, some of those 'signs' apply to karmic soulmates as well as TF's (apparently). These labels can be confusing but one thing to remember is, if it's for your greater good, then it's a good thing. Just shoot any energy inwards and upwards towards Source anyway and you'll get self-love and unconditional love for others a lot faster without so much heartache/headache :) Some of us however, need to learn the hard way as it's our path. Don't beat yourself up if you resonate with this, just trust you are/or were where you are meant to be and have gone through this for a reason.

*This is how I understand it. If it resonates, learn from it. Leave whatever doesn't resonate. This is not fact, just my understanding.*


Full Moon Meditation

Posted by Sivan Remesh on October 28, 2014 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This meditation was explained by Osho in his discourse :)

1st Stage:

Sit comfortably in front of the full moon with open eyes. Relax your body and gaze gently at the moon. Open your mouth as if saying "ha" and with a deep breathing but not forceful or tense, fill up your first chakra with the light of the moon. When you breathe out let the light expand in your chakra. You may enjoy letting some sounds coming out when you breathe out. Fill up your first chakra until you feel that it has become the full moon. Then move up to the second chakra. Repeat the same breathing and move up to the third chakra. Go one filling up with the full moon all your chakras up to the seventh. At the seventh you are going to be totally drunk with the moon. Your whole energy will shift to another dimension.


2nd Stage:

Stand up. It might be a bit difficult because of your drunkenness but with a little effort it will be okay. Still gazing at the moon, rise your arms up and give yourself to the moon. Become like a marionette in the arms of the moon. Let movements happen on their own. It is the moon moving in you, not you moving with the moon. Let it be a graceful dance of energy...


3rd Stage:

When the movement settles, lie down on your belly like a baby in the arm of his mother. If emotions come or if some shaking happens, just let go in it.


4th Stage:

Bow down to the moon with gratitude.


Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 19, 2014 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (5)

People lie all the time, but depending on how skilled they are, it can be difficult to determine when someone is lying to you. Do you know how to recognize the signs that someone is lying to you? Some of the signs are obvious while others are more subliminal, but there are ways to catch someone in a lie, you just need to know what they are. Here are some easy ways to recognize liars and catch lies:

1. A person who is lying to you won’t make eye contact with you or they make too much eye contact. If a person is lying they may feel you are scrutinizing them and they will look down at the floor or away from your eyes. Some people try to stare you in the face in a deliberate way because they feel like making eye contact will make what they are saying more believable.


2. Liars avoid using contractions…. “I did NOT have sexual intercourse with at woman”. This is an attempt by the liar to be absolutely clear what they mean but it ends up making the story a lot less believable. Stalling tactics are also common. The liar may ask you a question like “where did you get that information?” while they try to back peddle and come up with an explanation for your question.


3. Weird Body Language. Liars often fidget, turn away from the person to whom they are speaking, blink rapidly, smile less and have pitch changes in their tone of voice. They may cross their arms which is a sign of being “closed” or trying not to reveal too much information. Sometimes people fidget excessively when they are lying. They could fidget with a part of their body or touch parts of their face, an ear or a nose or play with keys or another item that they have in their hand.


4. Liars provide additional information without being asked for it. They seem to think that by embellishing their story you will find it more believable. What happens is they tend to make the story more complicated and less believable. The more elaborate the story, the more likely that it is a fabrication and nothing near the truth.


5. A person who is telling a lie will get defensive. They will do everything in their power to deflect your attention away from themselves and will get angry that you are questioning their innocence. People who are telling the truth tend to go the opposite way and go on the offense. This will become obvious to you when you are trying to have a conversation with a person and they try to change the subject or move the conversation in a different direction.



6. If a person is lying they tend to over-embellish insignificant details while avoiding important ones. Exaggerated details make the liar feel better, but the person who is hearing the lie will start to get the feeling that something is definitely amiss. This can make it easier to catch a person in a lie because you can jot down details of the story that you are being told and then ask questions about those details later to see if they are still the same.


7. Watch the eye movements of the person. If a person is remembering something they tend to move their eyes up and in a left direction if they are right handed. If they are making something up, their eyes wil move up and to the right. Left handed people do similar movements but in the opposite direction. People blink rapidly (“eye flutter”;) when they lie or they may rub their eyes. Eyelids also tend to close a little bit longer than a normal blink if a person hears something or sees something they they do ont like. Hand movements towards the eyes can be a further indication of “blocking out” the truth.


8. Some people sweat more when they are telling a lie. Measuring perspiration is one of the markers of a polygraph test but is not an indication on its own of a person telling a lie. Some people sweat more when they are nervous or if they are shy. Sweating together with blushing, trembling and difficulty swallowing can be a clear better indication that someone that is lying to you.



9. Watch for micro expressions. The true measure of a person’s emotions will quickly flash across their face at the beginning of a conversation. It could be a half smile that lasts for five seconds or a worried look that lasts the same amount of time. These micro expressions are sometimes noticed by people subconsciously and they tend to know right away that a person is lying, although they do not know how they know this. A lot of people tend to feel a “gut instinct” about something such as a person who is lying, and this is usually as a result of seeing a micro-expression during a conversation. The micro expression is quick but if you watch for it you can see it.


10. Ask the liar to repeat their story again. If the story is fabricated it can be very difficult to remember all of the details that they gave to you the first time around. You may notice that the person looks very uncomfortable and worried about what they are going to say to you when you ask them to repeat details that they clearly made up the first time around. Most of the time it is easy to tell when someone is lying to you because you feel it and you know that the person is not being one hundred per cent truthful. If you start to look more closely at the person’s behavior and movements, you will start to notice a lot more things more easily. At first you may have chalked these things up to a gut feeling, but soon you will see that you are more observant than you had originally thought. Liars are easy to spot when you follow some main guidelines and start to be more observant of the person that you are talking to.

Source: “10 Easy Ways To Recognize Liars,” from lifespan.com


Read more at http://www.the-open-mind.com/10-easy-ways-to-recognize-liars/#kVSsZDJcxpAC3UGR.99


Until The Day... A Milestone Love Song

Posted by AstralBooBaby on March 5, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (3)

Until The Day

(Abb’s first love song, written at age 16)

Verse 1

I remember all of the times we’ve vowed, to stay together

I just want to say it once again

For everything we’ve hoped for, to stay as ONE forever,

Even through the storms and the rain…


Until the day, til death us due part

Your will always be my number 1 and that will never leave my heart

Now I, wouldn’t lie, you’ve made me a believer

Cause I believe with all my heart, it’s you I’ll love until the day

Verse 1

Every time I greet you, there’s a smile on my face

It reflects the joy you make me feel

I cherish every moment of your love, beauty and grace

You’ve got that magical appeal


Until the day, til death us due part

Your will always be my number 1 and that will never leave my heart

Now I, wouldn’t lie, you’ve made me a believer

Cause I believe with all my heart, it’s you I’ll love until the day


I live everyday committed to do

And be in every way and be forever true

There is nothing greater than the love I have for you

Now just take my hand I will see you through


Until the day, til death us due part

Your will always be my number 1 and that will never leave my heart

Now I, wouldn’t lie, you’ve made me a believer

Cause I believe with all my heart, it’s you I’ll love until the day


Posted by AstralBooBaby on January 27, 2014 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (5)



The past few days have been pretty hectic for me, which is why you haven’t seen me in the forums as much but never fret, as I am never away too long… Now that I am getting back in the groove, I just wanted to take this moment to give a special SHOUT OUT and expression of sincere gratitude to/for all of my brothers and sisters here, who consistently go the extra mile in assisting in improving, adding onto and expanding this network portal of information… I am particularly speaking to those of you, who have donated and/or given tremendous time and energy contributing to the forums, blogs and allowing yourselves to be vulnerable by way of sharing your personal thoughts, opinions, solutions, resolutions, art work, poems and personal stories. Whether you know it or not, you are planting seeds; building bridges and expanding minds as well! We are reaching far more people than the numbers show or more than you guys may realize in this land of illusion, please KNOW that!


Just like those in the past, some of you will move onto other interests, while others who are ‘awake’, ‘awakening’ or ‘seeking’ will come into the fold and will inevitably pick up the mantle but you will forever be apart of US and we, apart of YOU; a beautiful and balanced cycle indeed! There’s a lot more room for expansion, evolution and original content here and all of this is well on the way and if it were not for you, this portal would not be on the amazing trajectory that it is on! Again, I want to THANK YOU ALL! You are and will forever be in my heart and I do sincerely hope that no matter where you go, I remain in yours.


Immeasurable love, always

ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby


Posted by AstralBooBaby on November 12, 2013 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (16)

I have provided a very interesting link regarding the subject matter of ‘sex before marriage’ (below), partly because I wanted to open up a dialogue about the subject matter within our community. Most of us are pretty much aware of the fact that more people are opting out from the ‘nuclear’ or ‘traditional’ family structure and this alone has changed or is changing a lot of minds and attitudes , when it comes to cultural and social dynamics and expectations within our relationships. Traditional marriage doesn’t have the ‘lure’ and appeal that it once had nor does the religious community have the monopoly on marriage as they once did. Therefore, more people are indeed looking at letting go of a belief or perception of ‘living in sin’, should they engage in sexual activity outside of the confines of marriage or the ‘intent’ to legally marry. In my opinion on the subject matter, I am all for ‘to each his/her own’ but I would hope that if one should engage in sexual activity outside of any commitment; he or she seriously weigh the cost and be willing to pay whatever price there is, should something unforeseen or unfavorable occurs, as the result of a romp on the hay with a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, ‘jump off’ or prostitute (hey, I am not judging, lol).

I could really go in depth on this subject matter but I just wanted to get some of you guys to weigh in…

Do you believe in sex before or outside of marriage or not? If not, why?



Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 15, 2013 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (3)




Remember that telephone game we played as children?  We all sat in a circle and the first person whispered a simple statement such as, “She is a girl” into a person’s ear. By the time the phrase was whispered to everyone in the circle it would turn into “She is a nice gorilla.”

It was funny at the time, but now when our friends say, “Did you hear about ____” our ears perk up and an audience is born.

Gossip hurts people, but most of us love to hear it anyway. Tabloids make a mint writing about celebrities and people getting their hearts smashed to smithereens. Gossip tends to hold a bottomless well of interest, yet when you are talking about someone when they are not around, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable sharing the same information if they were standing right in front of you?

Truly confident people don’t feel the need to gossip. If you want to be confident inside and out, then you need to get the gossip monkey off your back. Here are 8 reasons to stop gossiping, starting today.

1. Karma. When you gossip (or listen to others do it), you are inviting everyone around you to gossip about you as well.

2. Gossip is Hurtful. Gossip is really nothing more than empty noise and idol chatter. Its the language exchange people have when they feel otherwise insignificant. Gossip is a fuel that feeds egos, breaks hearts, and shatters confidence, but will never propel you forward.

3. Words can be crushing. The pen is mightier than the sword; the right words can cut a person to pieces and leave them writhing in pain. Gossip is verbal battery. When a person manufactures a rumor to hurt someone, shatter friendships and family, or make someone feel insignificant, they are being a verbal bully. And you would never want to be a bully, right?

4. Gossip serves no one. The next time you are around a gossiping magpie, ask yourself, “What will I accomplish by repeating this rumor?” Odds are, the answer is nothing. Gossip is often used to inflate the ego while deflating the feelings of another.

5. Hearing isn’t believing. Always ask yourself if you believe the information is true, and always take into consideration the origin of the gossip.

6. Exclusionary behavior is elementary school mean. The primary function of a rumor is to single out an individual and send the message that they are outside a social group and less worthy of friendship than others.

7. Gossip is destructive. Gossip leads to a decay of trust. It is painful, violating and often humiliating. Broadcasting private information exposes the flaws of another for all the world to judge. This leads to an erosion of trust and casts light on your own flawed character.

8. The buck stops here. Take a stand when people start gossiping around you. Make sure it always stops with you. Take a stand and never circulate information or be an audience to something you’re not proud of.

It’s easy to get caught up in day to day chit chat and to be curious about what is going on with other people. Comparing your life with others is natural, but when bonding with people about your friends and neighbors, it is easy for harmless information to turn into a hurtful situation.

Gossip is a destructive force; damaging to the reputations of those being gossiped about, as well as the reputations of those who spread rumor like wildfire.


Leave the gossip for celebrities. Never be willing to destroy your friendships by getting tangled in conversation that does nothing to reflect respect and honor for your friends.


Whats wrong w me?

Posted by Soulwarrior on August 5, 2013 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (1)
What is my problem? Lately I have noticed something bad in me. There is an increasing feeling of detachment and indifference to everything following me wherever i go and whatever I do, and whatever I see. It is a feeling of " nothing excites me anymore". I react the same when I see a rose as when I see a pile of poop. Should I not react differently to a pile of poop as I should react by seeing a beautiful rose? Why do I not feel the sounds of the birds anymore? Why do i not appreciate and feel nature anymore? Why do I not feel the music anymore? Why do I not feel anything anymore? The only thing i feel is anger and hatred. My dreams reflect this detachment and indifference. A part of me is excited about things, but another part of me blocks the excitement from reaching my being. I can be conceptually excited about love and life and beauty, but I cannot feel the excitement. My feelings are not there. The emotional connection is not there. Please help me understand what has happened to me. Is this a good or a negative sign? Is it a result of enlightenment and stillness, or is it perhaps a reault of repressed frustration, hatred and anger? My theory is that i have repressed emotions from frustrating situations and people who treated me unfairly, and because of this my chakras are closed and not flowing freely. Maybe my life energy is blocked by repressed emotion and therefore my heart has closed. I dont know. These are just speculations. What happened to my original feeling of being excited about everyone and about everything? I hate this feeling of indifference and detachment and dissociation from my surrounding. Another thing that has happened is that for one year, all my dreams have been only grey and lifeless. My dreams are no longer beautiful and mystical lucid dreams like before. Now, my dreams are only lifeless and grey segments that dont make any sense at all. And when I wake up from my sleep, I no longer feel energized. But I always wake up feeling more tired than when I slept. And throughout the day there is this feeling of tiredness, indifference, and detachment from life. Nothing can excite me anymore. Even music , that used to make me feel so strong emotions and cry, now dont make me feel anyhing anymore. Not eve music feels anything. Today i woke up hearing my favourite bird sounds outside the window and the sun is shining. But still there is nothing that excites me or make me feel " what a wonder lful day". Its more like, i just hear the sounds , but i dont feel it. What has happened to me? Is this a bad sign or maybe its a good sign? Why does it feel like this?

Spiritual ego vs egoless

Posted by Soulwarrior on August 1, 2013 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)
Spiritual ego vs egolessness What is a spiritual ego? A spiritual ego is a subtle ego. It is a more subtle and ugly form of ego. It is when you try to appear holy to yourself and to others. You are still attached to how other people perceive you - you want to be perceived in a certain light. You want to appear spiritual to yourself and to others. You are still attached to your self image. In order to look good to others and to yourself, you never challenge yourself and others. You never chock or disturb other people. You only say and do what you think others expect from a holy or spiritual person. You only say and do what other people want to hear and see. Because you want to be perceived as spiritual and holy to yourself and to others. And what happens when a person who is truly nonattached to his self image comes and expresses himself in a way that is outside of peoples narrow expectations of how a spiritual person is? What happens when a true egoless person ( who is not attached to any self image ) comes and says or does something chocking or disturbing to challenge other people in their mental boxes and fixed expectations? This person is rejected and critisized by the idiots and fools who only judge by outer appearances. Noone listens to this person. Because this person is not attached to his self image and therefore has no need to appeal to others in order to get his social image confirmed by others. What is an egoless person? An egoless person is a person who has no self image. He therefore has no need to be perceived as spiritual or holy by others. He has no need to appeal to other peoples narrow expectations. He is therefore free to be chocking and challenging. An egoless person is a person who has achieved nonattachment to any social self image. He does not care about being perceived in a certain way. Osho is an example of this. Osho never said the things people wanted to hear or that made peoples expectations comfortable. He challenged and chocked people out of their tiny expectations of the master. He did not want to or try to live up to any narrow expectations people might have had about how a spiritual person should be. He just came as himself and challenged and chocked people constantly. He said words like " fuck, baby, idiots...". He said things that we dont expect to hear from a spiritual person. He said these things deliberately in order to challenge peoples fixed or narrow expectations of how a spiritual person should say or do. He tried to see which disciples were real and which disciples were false. He tested them. The disciples who left because he did not live up to their tiny and insignificant expectations, were never true disciples. So he filtered the false disciples from the true in this way. The true disciples who passed the test remained, even if osho said fuck or called them idiots. Because these disciples passed the test ( they did not judge by outer appearances ). So this was oshos way of separating the true disciples from the false. The true disciples did not judge by the outer appearances, but they saw through the futility of the outer words and deeds of the master. They did not judge the master by him saying " fuck" or in other way shocking their expectations of how a spiritual person should be. Osho could challenge and chock people because he was truly free from spiritual ego ( he was not attached to how he was perceived by other people - he was not attached to any self image ). Osho was only being a spontaneous expression of the spirit, and in spontanity there can be no value judgement. That which is spontaneous does not try to be perceived by others in a certain way - it is just a free and spontaneous expresion. The difference between a spiritual ego and an egoless person is this. The spiritual ego wants to be perceived in a certain way. It wants to look spiritual in the eyes of others and in its own eyes. It says only the things it thinks is expected from the crowd, instead of just being a free and spontaneous expression of the holy spirit ( www.askrealjesus.com). An egoless person has no attachment to any spiritual self image, and therefore it is free to express itself in challenging and chocking ways. It is free to come as i am, as a spontaneous self, with no preplanned agenda. I dont even know that im gonna say or do because i have not planned what im gonna say before i say it. An egoless person has surrendered his self image and does not live his whole life in the quest to build up his social self image. An egoless person is only concerned with one thing: to challenge the status quo and to step into the unknown in every moment where everything is possible. He is just open to explore and dive into the unknown where everything is possible. There is no " right " way to be. There is only surrendering into the unknown. I am only a spontanous expression of whatever needs to come through at this moment. Spontanity, nonattachment to self image, stepping into the unknown in every monent, always being challenging...These are some of the qualities of the egoless person. Stop trying to be spiritual and just be. By soulwarrior

Right to disturb

Posted by Soulwarrior on July 27, 2013 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)
Aquarian law. Brothers and sisters. We need a new law for the aquarian age - a law that does not prohibit us from disturbing each other. Up to this point, it has been a crime to disturb your neighbor. There is a name given for this prohibition: "lack of respect or consideration aka antisocial behavior". Think about it. If being disturbed is the only way for some people to see themselves ( become self aware ), are we not doing them a disfavor by prohibiting each other from disturbing our neighbor into greater self awareness? Do you really think it is possible to wake someone up who does not want to wake up, without making him disturbed in the process? It is never comfortable to look into the mirror - it is however extremely rewarding for the growth of your spirit. It is inevitable to not be uncomfortable when someone forces you to see yourself. And if the first reaction to the disturbing mirror is to break it by going into defense mode" i dont wanna look at myself, so if you dont leave me alone ill call the police ". And do you not think that the police will gladly assist anyone who does not want to be disturbed from his sleep? Do you not think the power elite profits greatly from people remaining unconscious, ignorant and asleep? So why do you call the police as soon as you are disturbed into looking at yourself? Is it because you lack the courage to face the mirror without violence or running to the police? Are you not defending ignorance? Do we want police officers to defend ignorance, or do we want them to prevent crime? Police officers should not involve themselves in personal affairs between people, but they should keep themselves focused on solving crime. People are now mature enough in their consciousness to handle their own conflicts without middle men in uniforms standing between them? In conflict there is potential for growth, awareness, and higher understanding and friendship. All greater understanding and friendship starts as conflict. Conflict brings people closer together. And if conflict is necessary for growth and higher understanding, is it not dangerous to prevent any conflict from ever happening between neighbors? If neighbors are not allowed to disturb each other, they will never understand each other - they will always remain strangers. And strangers are always prejudiced against each other. Life is a choice between conflict or prejudice. Conflict leads to understanding, understanding leads to peace. Avoidance leads to prejudice - prejudice leads to tension. The right to be disturbed and to cause conflict must be maintained in a society if that society is going to have a chance of growing and becoming more self aware. If the first reaction is to destroy the first mirror when it is challenging you to see yourself, is it not a society built on ignorance? Love does not say the things you want to hear that make you comfortable; love says the things you dont want to hear but will make you grow. - soulwarrior