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Strange and powerful attack

Posted by Marneus Calgar on September 10, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (5)

After about a week ago when I awoke in a state of sleep paralysis, something strange happened. Now I usualy have sleep paralysis, sometimes 5 times a week. I almost always experience entites that attack me or just look at me, but it is never to intense, sometimes i feel drained after it and sometimes good and comforted. As I am in this state I am aware of the things happening arround me. I can hear and repeat what people talked about in the other room, or I can hear what was on the TV at the time so it is not just me dreaming. But this time, the week ago when I fell in the paralysis state, I was on my bed on my back and i felt something pull my hair, it was real physical pain. This is not the first time i feel physical contact with these "entities" in this state, but it never hurt like this. As I looked up I saw a black mass that started changing form to imitate me. It changed it's face to my own, and continued to pull my hair and it started to produce grotesque inhuman sounds, and laughed at a high pitched frequency. Then it started to change form again, changing it's head to mimic a black cat, I think it was trying to mimic my own cat Jinx but badly as it's face was very diferent from my own cat, but this is just an asumption. But my face was mimiced to the detail. I would love to hear your thoughts about this. I apologize for my spelling in advance as this was hastly written. (:

Do cryptids exist?

Posted by Rahul Jaiswar on July 10, 2014 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (3)

Do you think reports of 'cryptids' like the loch ness monster, yeti, living dinousars in the congo, mermaids etc are real? Could these be nature spirits up to mischief or real flesh and bllod creatures?

Not exactly a dream

Posted by maiTa on June 27, 2014 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (2)


Two nights ago, I lay down to sleep. I had the lights off and the door open. The light from the hallway was peaking in. My eyes were closed. I was clearing my mind, setting it for sleep. Then I had a dull image of an ER door opening and a man was rolled out. As he was rolled closer he turned into an infant boy. The infant boy was rolled in front of me and he angle his head to look up at me and something beyond me. As he was passing, the boy turned into an adult reptilian. I could make out his beautifully protruding cheekbone. I think he could have been staring at me, but it felt like he was looking at something a little further from me. Something behind and further away from my location, but closer enough that he was noticing. Then the image disappeared as fast as it came. I didn’t panic nor think too much, my mind continued to clear and I fell asleep. It wasn’t until next morning when I remember that I made a big deal of it.


I didn’t really consider it a dream because I know for sure I was still awake.



Posted by AstralBooBaby on February 14, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (15)

Someone had posted a question to me within a group forum that I am apart of on Facebook regarding Ouija boards... I decided to share the respective question and my response here because I feel that there’s a strong relevance among certain members here…



“Astral BooBaby..... what or how do you explain the Quija board? I had an experience and I have seen multiple people who also have had experiences in your opinion is it a hoax or does it have any metaphysical validity?”




The Ouija board is a 'real' conduit for spirits and entities vibrating outside of this frequency or bandwidth to interact or communicate through us within our present vibratory frequency/bandwidth... One can say that when we sit down and use the Ouija board; we are pretty much agreeing to allow our energy or vessels to be conduits for communication, in this regard… How does it work? Well, before I really answer that question – please keep in mind that our bodies are mostly water and this was by ‘intelligent’ design because water is a necessary component for spirit, energy and consciousness to flow ‘fluidly’ within this dense reality… Water is also a perfect conductor of electricity and electromagnetic energy, which is a huge part of what we are in our purest form… Therefore, it is through the water within our vessels that these ‘outside’ forces direct and communicate with us – sort of like how neurons are sent from the brain to move our fingers, hands and body.


The Ouija board summons; opens portals and gateways by way of the body or bodies and energy of the person(s), who has set forth the intent to do so… Spirits and Beings can merge their consciousness with our bodies and send electrical signals to move or direct us in a certain way but as it relates to the Ouija board, the Being(s) is directing the motion to spell out the appropriate words that corresponds to the questions asked or whatever information that they wish to communicate. Here’s the potential danger in using Ouija boards – if our minds are not strong OR if there is a crack in our auric field, an entity can project a portion of their energy or consciousness into our sphere and can continuously influence or even possess the host. For this reason alone; I advise people who are not knowledgeable of the metaphysical or those who obsessively drink alcohol, do drugs; eat a lot of meat; have sex with multiple partners (promiscuous), hateful, hostile, selfish or those who have any form of disease -- DO NOT play with or use these boards. Such persons can easily attract or magnetize a force that would only feed off of or into their present condition and let’s say that this will not manifest anything pretty or beneficial for the host.

Directors of Fear

Posted by Kenya Lynem The Psychic on June 16, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (10)

What fear does you justice in an energy roll of light? Does the fear dissolve or does it linger around us too? What fear dissolves in a midst of substance that is given too much at one time? Does the light dissolve this? Does the third eye dissolve this? Or does our substance abuse our fibrous way of living here on Earth?

Get into a way of nothing here quick!

What way of nothing do people fear our walk? Our heart? And our living? Near death situations like making someone nervous or angered or strained? What strain in our fiber does it linger so much it bolts energy to clump down our energy chamber to slow us down? What does this?

The fear director is you. The feel of fear is emotional strain. The actual dignified balance of love is here. What fear is not appropriate for us to understand that energy bolts into our flame of throwing to do nothing with in this lifetime? The softness of skin is not here for this flame to throw out toward one that has been hit nowhere.

When you cry out to an ancestor to fix everything, you don't have anything to do but move chairs to get out the flowing door that has much to do with love. Living. And any dignified manner of being. What flame is thrown your way to make you stop?

What flame is thrown your way to make you blame?

What flame is thrown your way to make you say, "Woeth me and doeth you and business none?"

What flame can this feel be now? A support system that blames the world to do anything with your mocked ways of love and light? What free flow is this?

I have to nothing to do but say, "Woah."

I have nothing to do but pray.

I have nothing to do but love.

I have nothing to do but jive.

I have nothing to do but "I love you."

I have nothing to do but "I love."

I have nothing to do but "I."

I have nothing.

I have.

Everything and all there is.

Everything and all.



Beyond to a factored zeroed point of feel.

What feel is this?

Expecting nothing.

Expecting something.

Doing nothing but them.

Solving nothing.

Hearing a bit.

Hearing a move.

Showing each other that their love beingness is something to do - but for them - but for me.

But for anything to do but this.

But for anything to do but love.

But for anything to do but you.

Do you.



Love Boo is this from Babyshaman aka Kitara aka Kenya Lynem the Psychic






Posted by julesmitchell on June 15, 2013 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (4)

A long time ago I read from Paschal Beverly Randolph the concept of blending. A conscious spirit or entity can be inside of a person unconsciously without them knowing and can control and manipulate them. This past New Years I met a fellow brother who is a Rastafarian and we build on spirituality and religion and while we were talking I felt as if something left me and we both heard a childlike voice laugh and say "bye-bye". For the longest time I felt all these demonic/evil thoughts which I felt weren't my own try to take control and caused me to be violent(physically abuse my girlfriend) and also to just be more on the edge. After this experience I felt as if I released through the positive energy me and my friend were building on. Is something like this possible???

My strange dream catcher

Posted by SarahMichelle on June 8, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (9)

This is the story about how a dream catcher gave me nightmares.

About two weeks ago I went on a mini-vacation with a friend to a place called Oregon, Illinois. It has a lot of homage to the native american ancestors (mounder) who lived there before, this includes tipis all over town, the largest standing cement statue in the world called Chief Blackhawk, and a super cool native american store called the Eagles Nest. At this store I bought a lot of gifts and souveneers like stones and crystals and a wooden snake, but I also bought a dream catcher. They had dream catchers on small racks beside the checkout and I picked up a teal colored dream catcher with soft fluffy feathers and decided I wanted it. It also had a really good energy to it. But my friend picked up a different one that was blue and purple and had a quartz hanging from it and I chose that one because of it's asethetic qualities even though it felt strange to hold. 

After I took this dream catcher home and hung it up, I started sleeping for 9+ hours a night. I woke up tired, and I realized this was because I was having nightmares I did not fully remember. But when I became concious enough to remember one, I had a full blown night terror. I talked to my boyfriend about it and he suggested I smug the catcher just to be safe, and if that didn't work I needed to take it down. So, the last night I kept it up in my room, over my bed, I smuged it along with the rest of my crystals. This was when I had the most vivid and terrifying dream of my life. I had a dream I was sleeping, and I kept waking up with writing carved into my skin (kind of like white ink tattoos). I woke up in my dream with three tattoos and I dediced that a deamon had been writing on me in my sleep. (one of the tattoos had the shape of a t-rex along with the writing) So in my dream I went to see a gypsie to consult her about the marks on my body. I walked through three shops to reach the gypsie in the third. In the first shop I stoped to look at something with stars and moons on it, the second shop and fancied an oriental jade tea set, and in the third one the gypsie sold jewelry with stones on them. After telling the gypsie about my dream within a dream and the marks on my body, all she told me was that it isn't right for something to be marking me and harming me. I woke up mid conversation.

I took down the catcher, and I've read articles that I need to burn or bury it, but I haven't done so. I also learned that in order for a dream catcher to work it has to be made for you by a shaman. 

I am looking for some feedback into the symbolism of a dream catcher and the symbolism in my dream.

Thank you :3 


Soul loss & dissociation (rewritten)

Posted by Soulwarrior on May 19, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (8)

Introduction to soul loss:

What is soul loss?


--Do you feel that you have lost connection to who you are?


--Do you feel that you don't feel as alive as you remember yourself feeling at an earlier stage in your life?


--Do you feel that something in you has been lost?


--Do you feel disconnected from your original feeling of being alive?


--Do you feel emotional numbness; do you feel that you have lost access and connection to your true, authentic emotions? Do you feel that you desperately try to reconnect with what you really feel, but to no results?


--Do you feel that you no longer see the world in awe and wonder? Do you feel that where you once saw a world full of colors and rainbows, you now see only grey scales?


--Do you feel that the things that used to make you feel alive, now dont make you feel anything anymore?


--Do you feel a sense of detachment (nonpresence) to life. Whatever you do, you are not present in it.


--Do you feel that you have lost your imagination and ability to daydream? 


--Do you constantly feel dull, docile, apathy, boredom, meaninglessness, pointlessness, depression, numbness of your senses, dull, docile, hopelessness & restlessness.


--Are you trying desperately to get in contact with your original feeling of being alive?

--Do you often find yourself asking: "i used to feel so alive....now i feel dead like a zombie...what has happened to me?"


I am here to answer these questions for you (since i myself has struggled a lot with this problem in my life).


So what is the problem that you are experiencing?


You are suffering from what the shamans call soul loss (a.k.a."dissociation" in the scientific western world).




What creates soul loss?


When you experienced a serious trauma in your life, a part of your soul (the essence of who you are / your unique identity / your connection with you / the part of you that makes you feel alive) left your physical body and went back to the spirit world. It did so to protect you from experiencing the full hurt of the trauma; it would be too much to handle for you to experience the trauma in its fullness at that time.

So now, your soul is fragmented (all the different parts of your soul are not present inside of you). Your consciousness no longer have access to those parts of yourself. You have lost the full connection with yourself; and you are desperately trying to reconnect with your lost self.

So in order to feel alive again, you must retrieve the parts of your soul that has left you. It is possible to retreive the lost parts of your soul--Shamans can help you with this...

Author: Adam Damani (soulwarrior)

My homepage: soulloss.hemsida24.se





Book: Soul retrieval: minding the fragmented self (book)


Telekinesis, teleportation and flying in a wonderful lucid dream!!!

Posted by Tachyon Energy on April 23, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (2)

I had a most wonderful lucid dream last night.  It starts with me in front of a local high school at shadow hour(night) in my area(Maryland).  Within seconds of the dream i hear this strong vibration sound like a strong magnetic field.  Before I know it i feel energy around my entire body and energy pulsating from my third eye area as this is happening i concentrate on flying and sure enough i start to rise off the ground higher and higher and HIGHER into the clouds!! As i am rising i can see people on the ground in disbelief.  i can here some saying holy **** and oh my god wow!!!  A large crowd gathers outside in disbelief!  Then i stop rising at a certain point and then the magnetic field gets VERY strong and i start to fly so fast that it felt like i did teleportation!!  Almost instantly i am at the house i used to live in Pennsylvania!!! As i come into the house i am floating and my sister says OH MY GOD! She is absolutely stunned! Then i walk toward her and as i am doing that i see a bowl on the table next to her.  I try to make the bowl come to me but instead it flips and falls on the floor.  My sister is like," wow and your doing this while you are awake!"  That is when i come out of the lucid dream and i was not able to get back to sleep. I looked at the time and it was 2:48AM!

I'll never forget this lucid dream!

Peace to ALL! :)

I attracted a spirit attachment or elemental/thought-form

Posted by Nancy on April 8, 2013 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (7)

Hello, I was in a bad place and smoking pot a year ago around Easter when a spirit attachment broke through me and I felt a huge tear in my aura. I had no idea what happened but I started hearing it 24/7, got in trouble at work because I scared my students, and then kept telling me it was going to kill me. It started speaking for me and moving my body. It make me drive 125 mph on freeway and I crashed my car!  I also broke my glasses and moved twice in one month. I can't see without my glasses and we could not afford to move twice so I ended up losing a tv, high school yearbooks and tons of pics and valuable documents.

I have been to more than three shaman/mediums and it refuses to leave which makes me believe it is feeding off of me but I don't know where or how. Yes, I was a very angry person and have unresolved stuff with family, but I don't deserve this.

Anybody have some suggestions?

Thanks, Nancy