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Donations are welcomed from anyone who has gained something from any of the content or from anyone who believes in the mission and purpose, hence, set forth... Donations help to cover the sustenance of this mission and platform. It helps us in expanding and improving upon providing the tools and necessities, such as broader bandwidth space, special apps, technical equipment and the hiring of human resources. Donations also serves as an fair and balance incentive and energy exchange for those of us who unselfishly put ourselves in the public domain for a divine but highly marginalized cause. 

 We also share a percentage of donations received; to help other individuals, groups and/or organizations who are in need and/or may also be marginalized. In other words, donating to a cause of your choice is just a Nobel thing to do in life whether is with me or anyone else or any other organization.

For the record, we have never requested or asked the public to do anything that we have not always done and still continue to do to this day. Donations that come through are like gifts that will just keep on giving. Thank you all in advance for anything that you may have to offer. 

If you already have a Paypal account but this button isn't working properly, simply transfer donations using my email address;

Cash app ID name is; $Astralboobaby

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