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Wise as the ol' Owl?


My name is Sunsira Essence Peoples. I'm just getting familiar with those three names you know most of us don't identify with our middle name like it has no meaning but we will get into that another time. After reading some of the blog entries which we very intriguing I felt like this was a good place to share my experience.

The year 2007, the season spring, Texas for about a month when I would walk to the store I would see a wooden owl on top of someones roof. This owl looked so real to me from across the street I would think it was real every time I walked pass. One day I said to myself internally, " I want to see a real owl".

During this time I was excercising every morning in the field between a library and a recreation center. Outside in the field excercising which is the easiest way to meditation and connecting with the universe I spend about an hour from about 10 am to 11 am.

I must let you all know by this time I had really forgotten about even asking to see an owl. I was just living not watching much television and reading books by J. Krishnamurti. I felt in the beginning of the year really in 2006 that 2007 was going to be a important year for humanity as a whole. I also had other unique experiences in 2007.

Around 11 am I headed home exhausted from a wonderful workout. When I got in the apartment my blinds were shut I went over opened them up and seen this unusually large white bird on the fence directly in front of my window. Preoccupied by the sweat I was focused on taking a shower so I looked and then turned around and starting walking towards the bathroom.

I heard a voice in my head say " that bird is too big" so I turned back around and went back to the window. I was staring in the eyes of a snow owl in Texas at 11 am for about a minute then it flew away. I felt such a connection to this bird I was just stunned and stood there for a little while.

This was amazing I asked to see this bird which has been in my life since birth as my grandmother who is still alive had many of these ceramic animals around when I was growing up. One of those events in life one never forgets.

To all who read this Thank You for sharing this experience with me. Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on this experience. I would also like to hear more of your experiences. This is such a great community looking forward to the good times.

Thank You Astral Boo Baby


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