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So looked in the resources link here on the astral boo baby website, and one of the ones labeled "Astral Travel FAQ" or something of the sorts brought me to a large outline describing astral travel like it was something in a game.


Mega Damage Weapons Armor in the Astral Plane

Mega Damage weapons and Armor become SDC but they are multiplied x 50. For example

if a mega damage weapon does 8 mega damage but in the astral plane it does only 400 SDC.

(It is easier to take the mega damage and multiply x 100 and then just take away 1/2 of it.)

Same with Armor 100 MDC = 5,000 SDC). Remember though each of these things needs to

be astrally configured or else it starts to disentigrate. (see below for the consequences).

"" Is this link suppost to be connected to this site?


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