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Many of our troubles and problems stem from either the lack of the right kind direction/information or too much negative or bias information. You guys know that I am all about speaking on both the pros and cons. Some have even written and ask that I not talk about the not so pleasant side of the nature of reality because it will only frighten people more but since this is not my intent, I still share what I have experienced and learned and of course, there will be much more to share as we incrementally move into a completely different paradigm... Having stated this, I wanted to repost a comment that I had shared within one of the forums because the message behind it is even more relevant now than ever!

It is not wise to insult the character or path of another nor is it honorable or correct. I recognize that some of our experiences and perception of things are not very pleasant and yes, there are others who have and will endure the same experience and walk as you but this is not true for everyone... I've already done videos and blogs about very clever interdimensional Beings and lower level astral parasites, who currently know more than we know (we have amnesia here on earth) and yes, they feed off of and manipulate humanity to generate energies for their survival and amusement... Hence, negativity = destructiveness, terrorist filled and divisive thoughts, actions, deeds, beliefs, etc... Many of us become direct pawns in 'their' game (or toys as a family member would say) because we are agreeing to this, to one extent or another (be it in this life time or another)... Some of us got trapped in the last cosmic shift and cycle, trying to awaken and rescue others.... Then, there are those of us who are here under a prison sentence or there are those of us who made contracts and agreements with these entities in exchange for something within their power or grasp. Either way, everyone is NOT on earth to be toys or pawns to the 'big boys' unless we agree to it, be it consciously or unconsciously... Yet and still, we are all being challenged to learn and grow in lieu of it all... Some of our greatest gains come from pain and conflict but so does some of our failures but we should always remember to just GET UP and keep pushing on, no matter what! I share this point of view now because I don't want any of us to perpetrate or feed into this powerlessness, hopeless or victimization mindset! This is another trap that's being set up by the MANipulators both in or off the earthly realms and rest assured that they have their have minions and pawns who will knowingly and unknowingly help them to set the bait!

I truly understand now more than ever, why my life has been so extremely difficult and even brutal at times! I was being prepared to speak on and magnify information that will get a lot of resistance and to do this job, will require years of preparation! It took a lot of pain, struggle, confusion and out of this world revelations to get me here! As I continue to RE-MEM-ber the greater game, I am finding more and more that humanities best defense against repeating the errors of our ways is to learn and grow from them and when we are wiser, we are far less likely to be made for fools, "food" or slaves... Lastly, I will say that even though my mind's eye and physical form has seen and been through a lot, I will still say to everyone 'take whatever resonates and leave the rest behind" -- because I have learned enough to understand that at the end of the day, NO ONE on earth currently KNOWS everything!

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