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Yo everybody! I thought I'd say a little about myself, and I look forward to getting to know you all as well. I was what you would call a partier until 1-1-2010, when I saw an orange glowing light in the sky on my way home from the gym. Please excuse my run on sentences lol. So this light was hovering in the sky, and I didn't believe I saw it, but my friend who was with me could see it too. So I knew itm was real. I could see it all the way home, and as I pulled in, I realized it was right above a field in my apartment complex. I ran in and got my camera, then ran to the field. As soon as I pointed my camera at it, it started to fly straight up faster than anything I'd ever seen, and all I got was a tiny speck of it in my pics. It flew higher and higher, until it disappeared. That night I had the first lucid dream I had had since my childhood, it was me playing volleyball with someone I don't know, and all of a sudden Simon Cowell walked out of some woods about 100 yards away, approached me, and said in the Simon Cowell voice, you need to be on the show, while shaking my hand. He repeated it again, then I woke up filled with energy. I was led to start meditating very shortly after, as well as eft. I began to research how to eat properly, and spend every second of my free time researching all spiritual concepts. From there I was led to ABB's channel, along with many other places and people. Many things have happened since, and currently, I find myself trying to live among people who are "normal" so to speak. I have had many ups and downs, and I'm grateful to be able to share this with you all. What were you guys waking up experiences like? Have yall had as much trouble integrating it into every day life as me? lol Peace and love you all.


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