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well, yeah im a virgo. two nights ago i had the most awesomess (new word) dream. now, ive definitely been on this planet before, where im dreaming. more than twice. i can fly- i feel as if i have a dragon suit on- yes, black wings... i researched black wings and it's apparently not too great. but in my dream, i dont remember much of what i said or anything around me said. (anyone whatever_) i just remember trying to fly, and almost fight... not with any weapons but... a higher force or something. like i said i cant recollect as NEAR as much as id absolutely love to.

so i wake up and hop on facebook. my horoscope pops up and reads about the significance of my dreams. that my intutition levels are quite high right now and i need to focus on positive and beautiful things... so. horoscopes are good, lol. who cares if they're ''not real'' (which i believe some are- they're all close to the same meaning anyway.)

alright well, yesterday i run into my good friend Joe who i believe actually has a profile on here too! waaadaaap joseph! lol

so he mentions astral projecting and we start talking about dreams and such (very common accurance). lol that's like, all we talk about lolol. he mentions something before we go to sleep, and we hear a humming or movement in the pillow, sometimes little whispers... and my mouth drops. lol.

ever since i can REMEMBER! ive heard movement in my pillow. right beneath my ear. i think it's energy. lol what else could it be!? well... last night, i slept shitty. i went to bed trying to dream and ended up staying in this part of my mind (it felt) that i dreamt things- but they were real life situations and i was actually talking in every dream i had. lol. i was repeating things other people were saying. it was a very very odd night. and im finding myself sleep deprived lol.

ive only had one dream where i could control myself flying. and the second the feeling occured in my dream, i woke up. and since then, i could never control my flying or when dreams i could fly in would happen. or whatever.

i had a pretty bad ass dream about a month ago or so, where i was in a field and i let out a HUGE roar, lol.then two lions show up from across the valley and wash the wind with their roars. they were male and beautifully sculptured brothers, i realised as i climbed up a tree and could tell, once they got closer. i knew they would eventually smell me but i wanted to see that i wouldnt run from them. i hopped down from the tree behind them, and stood there as they shot around to face me. i remember that i spoke to the lions. very softly. as if i couldnt hear what i was even saying... they became my friends... the town in sight of the field they had been living in had been growing, and the lions had started getting curious. (before i showed up lol) i remember my lions getting killed by assholes, lol, and i was walking down the street alone. when a smaller sized black-metallic panther showed up. he was fuzzy, but his hair changed with the light. he became my new friend and we played like an owner and her life-long pet dog. it was awesomess. lol

Alright, i need a cigarette lol.

my significance of this blog, is to honestly let myself get what i believe out. its actually really hard for me to get the details out, like i can with a computer- you know. Lol

Thanks for reading, ill post as much as i can...

w/ pc & lv.



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