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the world only turns for the wicked

Seem like everyday the wicked continue to be progressive in this world. But . People that continue to lie still and damage others tend to do very well in all areas of there lives. I just don't understand. How can this insane ways continue? I finished school since 2008. I am still not where I need to be. I been so depressed almost as if I am losing it. I ask for the simple things in life and try and this is what I get. Maybe this is why people get involved in Satanist organizations. Seem like no matter what I am getting nothing, no results. I wonder sometimes if I was a liar theft and all about myself, would I get what I want? I feel like this awful society took everything that was given to me. Why do the bad unbelievably continue to make it abd excel. Maybe I need to be one of them. Ever where I go abundance seems to flower over them. I must be on the wrong planet. If there is some High Level Occultist that can help me turn my life around and teach me the secrets of the universe. Please feel free to hit me up You are welcome to inbox me. I should not be paying for any service because of my situation. I need to know the real stuff. Your never going to make it in this world being good. I send love and my heart is broken a million times. I came to the understanding that being good and loving just don't make the world go round. And I am tired of people saying that. Because if it was true the world would be IN better conditions.


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