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The Red Book Second Edition


Everybody in this universe has a place in the grand scheme of things, to maintain order and balance.It's essential that in order for there to be balance in a system, every individual body working within that system must play a specific role that will maintain the overall system and keep it functioning. These individual bodies must also work under certain restrictions and laws in order for the system to function in a consistent way and disorder does not becoming the norm. Every physical body in the universe has been designed to accomplish a specific task to maintain order at a larger level. This all works from the smallest to largest scale, known and unknown to us.

At the moment, we Humans have managed to have forgotten our individual and collective roles we chose to play out prior to incarnating into this planet. We have managed to disconnect ourselves from our Spirit, which is the core element/nature that governs all bodies in this universe, the one element that brings life and order to everything we see.

It should be a simple task for us to act out on our true or core nature; animals and plants, for example, have no problem playing out their roles and expressing those roles on a physical level. Their actions, from the will of Spirit, combined with their body's specialties, bring out the balance we see in our eco-system.

Man, has decided to not play his role and instead seek out their own selfish needs. The result has been chaos within ourselves, our communities, our cultures and chaos in the natural balance of our planet. If we managed to send ourselves to other worlds, we would bring disorder through out the solar system and the rest of the universe.

The result of our choices is similar to what would happen if an organ in your body decided to not do its job and instead wanted to do something else. If this happened, your body would stop functioning properly and eventually die.

Where did Humanity go wrong? Part of the problem lies in the the fact that in modern civilization, individual Humans have a desire to put on masks or façades to give others the impression that they fit into some ideal personality type to win the approval of certain people or just other Humans in general. It can also be added that from childhood, in certain circumstances, Humans are heavily conditioned to behave in certain ways, ways that have no roots in the laws that govern our universe, but instead have their roots in the minds of those who control a society.

It's because of this conditioning that many layers of masks accumulate, essentially blurring out the core essence of ourselves; Human behavior is now based on these masks that they have put on themselves. The more we look through these false identities, the harder it will be to understand our core nature and our true individual and collective purpose.

All living things are born “pure”, acting out in ways that will eventually lead it to play out its roles once it has reached adulthood.

But the desire for Humans to change people and make them conform to some ideal and their desire to fit into an ideal has caused more harm for the Human race than good.


There is a much deeper structure to what we perceive as the Human Body and what we understand as Human Anatomy. Three stages of our true anatomy will be discussed in basic.


Spirit is a source of energy released by what many will call “God”. This source of energy eventually developed into all the things we sense with our spiritual and physical bodies. It is the core essence of all things. All living and non-living things possess Spirit.

Under the governing laws established by “God”, Spirit acts upon this to keep things in the universe alive, so speak; keep things in motion and to maintain the shape and form of all things.

In terms of our spiritual anatomy, and how this stage interacts with the other two stages, this stage is the part of ourselves that work directly with “God” and “God's” laws. It is the side of us that wants us to act on a much higher purpose, this purpose being working in harmony with “God's” universal laws. It is the side of us that tells us not to engage in certain things because it does not coincide with universal laws and the consequences of engaging in certain habits will be devastating for us.

This side is our very core, our true form, our true nature. It is what drives us to strive for and do the things that will help us play our role in the universe and achieve our purpose.


The soul is the seat of our ego, or our personality. It is also the place where all of our memories and knowledge are stored. Our brains can only store a finite amount of information, but our souls store everything else, including all the things that we may think are lost to us.

Some of these lost memories may manifest themselves through dreams and psychic visions.

The material that soul is made out of has it's origins in both Spirit and physical matter. The soul cannot exist without Spirit, and the physical body cannot exist without the soul. The soul is made out of elements found in physical reality and spiritual reality.

The soul is also the side of us that is affected by the experiences we have in the physical world, and its development is also based off of those experiences.

The soul also acts as the energy, or the battery of the physical body. Without the soul, the body would not function as it currently does.

The soul is the energy that that works directly with our nervous system and brings it to life. The soul is the source of all thought and action in our bodies.

The soul is the initial form of the electric signals, we see manifest in our nervous system, that trigger our physical body's actions and thoughts.

This is the energy source that excites or charges the particles in our nervous system to create those electric signals.

The soul is like the physical body, it is not something that we will permanently host. Our true form will always be Spirit.


The body acts as a vehicle for soul and spirit. It is the vehicle that allows the spirit to act out its purpose in the physical world by using the knowledge and experience stored in the soul. But it is also the side of us that allows us to survive in the physical world. All of the instincts needed for the survival of the individual and race are stored in the physical body. Examples of such instincts would be sexual desire, hunger, fear, sleep etc. We would not make it very far into our existence in the physical world without these instincts and the Human race would eventually be extinct.

Like the soul, the body is not a permanent host for the Spirit. The body eventually ages and dies.

It's important to understand that the instincts placed into the physical body must not be acted on in excess, to the point where our lives are based on personal satisfaction and satisfying these primal instincts. This blurs out the objective of Spirit. These functions of our physical bodies must be used for the sake of working in conjunction with the universal laws.


Humans are filled with opinions and constantly speculating about things. Humans rely on their finite “hardware” (The Brain) to try to understand the things that are far beyond the perception of the physical senses.

Relying strictly on the physical will only lead one to come to conclusions that are circular and contradicting. This is because our senses can only see things to a certain point. This can also include the technology we attempt to use to try and see beyond what our physical senses can perceive; even technology has its limits and can only see to a certain point until the things beyond its perception becomes a “blur”, so to speak.

Because we Humans have forgotten our true nature, that we are spirit first and foremost and that form is linked to all things in existence, we turn to technology and our physical senses to make sense of things.

Because of our natural connection to all things, we are fully capable of accessing information that goes beyond what we can sense with our physical bodies or with technology.

We can access certain things through the use of our Spirit, but because we continue to allow our minds to chatter, speculate and attach itself to opinions, the information that our Spirit holds may be blocked out or even mixed in with the confusion and chatter in our minds.

Accessing what the Spirit has to offer requires that we stay in a quiet mental state. For the truth to seep through us, we must abandon all that we think we know, silence the chatter and just allow the Spirit to speak. The Spirit is that quiet voice in the “back of our minds” telling us what's best for us; protecting us from danger and leading us to the truth. But Humans have made a habit of not listening to that quiet voice, and instead, succumbing to primal desires and satisfying one's ego.

There are rare moments when we as Humans tap into this source of information and guidance.

Any moment where you have had an epiphany, or a “eureka” moment, so to speak, you have accessed this source.


There are laws that govern our universe and everything in it.

Those laws bring stability and order to our universe.

The universe is a living thing in the most literal sense. Humans are basically “cells” in this vast system.

Our purpose has always been to take care of each other, the planet and the creatures of this planet with the guidance and understanding of these laws.

When a living being, such as a Human, makes the choice to not follow these laws, not only will they experience imbalance within themselves, but in their world as well. Instead of doing what they were supposed to do on Earth, Humans, instead, chose to leech off the planet. The result has been the destruction of many valuable things, creatures, as well as the destruction of the Human race in many ways.

As said, the universe is a living thing, we are inside of it.

When there is imbalance, various things in our universe react to this imbalance; think of these things that react as being part of the universe's “immune system”.

Current Human behavior is similar to that of a disease. The bizarre weather we are experiencing here on Earth is our universe reacting to the disease.

The universe is cleansing itself, and it will only get worse if we do not change our act.

Many Humans say that we should fear our creator, but we should be more afraid of nature, for nature is merciless, and will do many things, that may be perceived as horrible, to bring balance back in itself.


Although through one's Spirit alone, one can access all information and truths – due to the Spirit's direct connection to “God”, which connects us to all things that exist – the layers of Soul and Human/Physical Body place a limit on what information we can gain and how much of it we can attain. As long as we are inhabiting a soul and a physical body, the new information we gain from our Spirit will always be limited in some way.

This is based off of two reasons; one is because of the experiences and knowledge the soul has accumulated through the present life and other lives. The other reason is the brain, and how well it can retain and organize information or memory.

How well the brain can retain and organize information depends on several factors, and those factors are; how well learned one is in one or more fields – the more we learn through study and experience, the more “exercise” the brain gets, so to speak. This allows us to use our brains to their fullest potential (And beyond).

The next factor is how far evolved a specie's brain currently is; the more evolved and advanced the brain is, the deeper a species can delve into topics or subjects that may have been too complex for it to understand and memorize at a previous point in its evolution.

Many different factors can help enhance the structure of the brain, but the biggest factors that make the most significant difference are new experiences and knew information/knowledge.

On the subject of the soul, the soul is the source that stores all of our knowledge, wisdom and experiences from past and present existence on this planet. Even information we can't consciously remember is stored in this part of ourselves. The information that is stored in the soul can help you excel at certain activities more easily if the experience and knowledge from these activities is stored in the soul.

For example, if in a past life, one was a mathematician, then said individual will have a much easier time learning mathematics in their present life than someone who has little to no information about mathematics stored in their soul.

Of course, how far one excels in an activity will depend on how much information of that activity is stored in the soul. When one goes beyond their limits, the intuition/Spirit kicks in to give us clues on how to figure out brand new information we are confronting or struggling with, so that we may access a deeper level of understanding and experience.

So although the Spirit, on its own, is capable of tapping into all information in the universe and other existences, that information is filtered once it goes through the soul and the brain. The result is that said information becomes foggy and not too clear when we first receive it. The reason why the information gets filtered is because of the limitations found in the brain and soul. The limitations of the brain can be found by how advanced its structure is at the current moment, and the limitations of the soul can be found in the limited knowledge and experiences stored. So, the result of this filtering is that only small bits of the information brought in by the Spirit are understood, due to again, the limitations of brain and soul, because the soul and the brain have only been able to deal with a limited amount of experience and knowledge. But as we go through our lives, constantly learning new things and having new experiences, we will run into knowledge and experiences that help expand on the information that we received from our Spirit; it's like solving a puzzle. It is important that we are constantly open to and learning new things instead of relying on the finite abilities of our souls/egos and our brains. By being open, we allow ourselves to see and understand things that we were not capable of realizing early on.


Our purpose here on Earth was to take care of the planet, the creature within it, and each other, for our world and everything in our world and other worlds were placed in the universe to all work in unison under the laws to maintain balance.

The laws that are being mentioned are spiritual, they are not something that can be written down on a piece of paper. All the creatures follow these laws by instinct, for they do what they were designed to naturally do to maintain order in Earth's ecosystem.

The true purpose of all living and non living things in our universe is related to and goes in line with those laws. When Humans follow their true purpose of taking care of the planet, the creatures and each other, Humans, like the animals, will instinctively begin to follow these laws and understand them.


Humans are nothing but tools that are being used to bring back and maintain what they (The Reptilians) have lost so many thousands of years ago.

They understand our potential as Human beings, and most importantly, they understand the potential we have spiritually. They know that if we are aware of our potentials, their control over this world is lost.

To stop us from understanding our potential, they distract us and keep us dependent on things that keep us from building ourselves spiritually and advancing ourselves as Human beings.

All established things in the system Humans call “modern civilization” have been created to prevent Humans from discovering their true selves. Everything from race, religion, war, movies, television, current governing systems, money etc, have all been placed to keep us at a certain level of awareness.

As long as Humans remain attached to this false system, they will continue to lead us in the direction they want us to go and not in the direction that our spirit wants to go.

Many Humans that follow established religions and religious organizations will classify these beings as being “demons” or “djinns”. These terms are a false understanding of what they really are.

They are not “dark” spirits roaming this Earth, but they are native to this planet. This needs to be emphasized, they are NOT extraterrestrials. The bodies of this race of people was formed right here, on this planet. Their bodies are flesh and blood like Humans; they also do not inhabit other dimensions.

There was a point where ages ago, like Humans, groups of these people decided to turn their backs on the spiritual laws that govern our universe. It is because of this, that much of what they had built was destroyed and lost, including many of their own people.

As stated earlier, they are using Humans to bring back everything they have lost.

So, when it comes down to who controls this world, things go far deeper than what some people may classify as the “Illuminati” or the “NWO”.

Humans think that the solutions to their problems are material, such as the beliefs that money needs to be added or subtracted into certain programs, or more hybrid cars need to be built and so on. But these these solutions rely on us depending on the system that “they” have established for us. When Humans rely on these solutions, they are making the mistake of giving up their our own power and handing it over to “them”.

The problems we are dealing with are spiritual, and we are in a “spiritual battle”, so to speak.

As long as Humans continue to attach themselves to the the things the Reptilians have made for them, they will never escape their problems.

When it all comes down to it, the problem with Humans stems from their own detachment from spiritual laws. Humanity's problems never came from their lack of material things like money, or a certain type of technology. It is the spiritual laws that bring abundance and balance in everything in the universe. It is the understanding of these laws that are important.

If Humans follow those laws through their actions and if the things they build work with those laws, they will be met with abundance and balance.

But to see these things manifest, Humanity must make the decision to detach itself from this system that brings imbalance.

Most Humans have heard of the civilization of Atlantis in one way or another.

The Reptilians are responsible for building it, not Humans.

As stated earlier, at some point in history, after building their great technologies and cities, they turned their backs on the spiritual laws. The result was the destruction of everything they built, including the loss of many of their people.

When the Reptilians had discovered Humans, they initially saw Humans as a threat.

It was during this time that Humans were in fact, far more advanced spiritually and physically than they are now. Humanity's natural abilities were equal to, and in some cases, possibly far greater than the natural abilities of the Reptilians.

Although Humans had advanced natural abilities, their wisdom was lacking. The Reptilians took advantage of this by teaching Humans the same arts, sciences and crafts that had destroyed their previous civilization, for Humans did not have the experience to understand what learning these things would lead to. They also saw that they could use us to rebuild what they had lost, for our numbers were high.

Because so many of their people were killed and much of their technology was lost, they did not have enough resources to rebuild on their own, so they used Humans.

The great civilizations that were found all over the world, such as Egypt, Maya etc, were built by Humans, but through the command of the Reptilians.

Also, using what little advanced technology they had, the Reptilians would attempt to change Humans into a less advanced form so Humans would be easier to control and less likely to resist them.

What Humans understand as the “Neanderthal”, was a creation of the Reptilians. The Neanderthal was intelligent like Humans, but its tendencies were closer to that of a wild animal. Neanderthal was a primitive form of the advanced physical bodies Humans developed and it did not possess the advanced psychic abilities that Humans had.

The Neanderthal would eventually mix its genetics with Humans, passing on its primal tendencies into other Human beings. With the reduced psychic awareness mixed in with more primitive tendencies, Humans became a much easier species to control and direct.

The main objective for the Reptilians has always been about regaining the secrets they have lost during the collapse of Atlantis, as well as rebuilding certain things, by using Humans to reconstruct and find those things. Any advancement in technology that Humans witness has never been and will never be for their benefit, but for the benefit of the Reptilians.

All of this has been going on since the beginning of Humans existence, and to this day, Humans are still their slaves and the majority of them are completely unaware of it.

Even those Humans at the highest level of what some people call “The Illuminati” or “The Shadow Government” or the “NWO” are under the control of the Reptilians; they simply servants. The ones who really control our this current civilization are the Reptilians. No Human is truly running this system.

For the Reptilians, their objective for us will be to turn us into beings that are like artificial machines so that our consciousness does not evolve and that we remain easier to control, and less likely to rebel against any system they place on us. Some Humans call this agenda “trans-humanism”.

Humanity's reliance and attachment on artificial machines is the first step into achieving this objective. The next phase will be an implanted chip for all Humans that will keep Humanity tied down to an artificial grid, where everything in civilization revolves around this grid, so that Humans will remain totally enslaved and not think about deviating from this system.

It needs to be emphasized that not all of the Reptilians had the intention of controlling and oppressing Humans. There were others who had the intention of enlightening us and helping us evolve spiritually, back to where we were, so that we may escape the control of their brothers.

It is doubtful that any of them - the ones who wanted to help us - are still alive. More likely than not, all of them were killed off or their populations were severely reduced to such small numbers that they could not lead enough Humans away from the backward ways of the their brothers.


Those in Atlantis who had abused the knowledge and technology that had been acquired over time to build the great civilization, had destabilized the Earth's eco-system in the process of their reckless behavior.

Initially, the planet Earth's climate was far more stable and balanced compared to what Humans see now. Before the dramatic climate changes the irresponsible inhabitants of Atlantis had brought onto the Earth, temperatures on the planet were far more stable and far more comfortable than what we in many parts of the planet see and experience now. Disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. were also non-existent. In those times, before the Earth was destabilized, the Earth was healthy. And just like a healthy body, everything on the planet was intact and functioning as it should.

It is important to emphasize that the natural disasters we see occurring on this Earth is the planet's way of healing itself from the damage that has been caused to it, and is still being caused to it. It is healing itself back to a more stable state. Just like how a Human's body will use different methods to repair and heal diseased areas, so is the planet.

The current habits of Humans on Earth – the habits of deforestation, pollution of our lands, water and atmosphere, uncontrolled expansion of our cities through the natural land, animal hunting and so on - are intensifying this unstable state. The consequence of this is that we are making the natural disasters far worse and much stronger than they need to be.

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