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Someone sent me a video promo of a new reality show that’s obviously stirring quite a bit of controversy. The show is entitled ‘Preachers of LA’ and the bulk of the controversy revolve around the featured ‘men of God’ displaying what many will call a highly driven, materially driven ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Not only are these men are living like pop or rock stars and making no apologies or excuses for it, they are allowing themselves to express and show their flaws, mistakes and errors (sins). For many people, this shatters expectations and maybe even certain illusions of what they expect their spiritual and religious leaders to be. I have always felt that too many people put people in the public eye (celebrities, politicians and athletes) and even the church and community leaders, who are not well-known to the general public but are so, in their immediate communities – society places these people on mighty ‘God-like’ pedestals to begin with. For me, this is the first error in this regard but I will reserve my opinions and observation for the community dialogue. I was brought up in the church and although my time in this arena was brief, it was enough time for me to wonder why was so much emphasis put on material gains and collecting money from the congregation, who many times; members are struggling to pay rent or keep food on the table. Yet, the Pastor, Reverend and even their wives (the first ladies) would be wearing fur coats, fancy jewelry; driving luxury cars with a beautiful house on the hill, etc. On one hand, there’s this prevailing belief that people who are either spiritual or religious, should not have ‘nice’ things; be damn near broke and destitute in order to be perceived as a ‘real spiritual warrior’ or taken seriously in being of ‘service’ in a highly spiritual way. Then there’s a group who feels that anyone who works hard and give unto others have every right to live comfortably and have wonderful things given unto them… So my question to the community at large is this; where do you stand on this matter? Would someone whose claiming to be a spiritual leader or ‘man/woman of God’ be allowed to enjoy a fancy and luxurious material life if he/she so choose? Would such a situation cloud your perception of him or her? I am curious to know what your opinions are on this matter… So please weigh in.


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