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The king

The King

Well! It was warm when I got here

But when it transitioned to cold the

Bee suddenly just dropped

I watched the bee fly across

My face, flying with harmony

At his pace

Then suddenly the bee just

Came tumbling on down.

I stood there watching it hit the ground

The bee’s wings tried to move around

so I watched to see if it would come around

but it didn’t

the bee just laid there.

I saw other flies flying, but this

Bee remained motionless

Hopefully the bee is

Far away in a distant place

Where the glows of

Evergreens make there grace

Making his presence known

Proud to say that the bee was

Here on earth and this

Was the bees throne

The birth from the honeycomb

The bee Flew from

The flowers the bee flew on,

The nectar, the hives

The sharp pain on my neck from your sting

This is what you are


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