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The Illusion of Debt

I have always had ‘some’ knowledge as to how the banks and ‘some’ other lending institutions give the illusion of loaning people, organizations, countries or institutions money but today, I am even more knowledgeable on how deep the greatest ‘legal’ scam in history really goes! I literally got a crash course hard-knock life lesson on a couple of layers and let me tell you, it was one of the most eye-opening, yet infuriating moments of my life! As I saw how deeply deceptive, wicked and cruel this rabbit hole was and is, I felt so much anger because I thought of not only for how I had been screwed but for the many generations of men, women and children, all over the world who have and are being robbed of their sovereign spiritual rights! I thought about the poor, disenfranchised and the many men and woman who worked their butts off, trying to get a piece of ‘the pie’ (so to speak) only to learn that there is a treacherous banking system that is sophisticatedly rigged for either our failure, servitude, enslavement or all of the above. It truly is a system made for the benefit of those who have gained immeasurable profits off of debt or more appropriately ‘the illusion of debt!’ but as the old saying goes ‘the chickens have come home to roost!’

There’s much to this subject matter indeed but I really wanted to share a really good website link that gives a wealth of information, links and articles on the subject matter. We have all been negatively affected and cheated by this global con-man game in some way or another and the best way to stop being conned is to know who the con-men are and how they work. We will also begin to see the deeper reasons why an economic collapse is inevitable.

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