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The Dogons - Have You Ever Heard of Them?

Dogon Tribe-men

Here’s a tribe in Africa that most of you have probably never heard of due to bias and grossly distorted educational system in conjunction to what is often shared and pushed as HIS-story (History). Nonetheless, this group; the Dogon Tribe of Africa of Mali Western Africa, are among some of the wisest and most fascinating tribal people on the planet. Did you know that the Dogon tribe had a clear and concise knowledge of how our solar system is actually structured long before any Europeans or foreign settlers came to their land?

General layout of the Sirius Star System

The Dogon people will gleefully and matter-of-factly speak of how they got their vast knowledge! Their claim is that their ancestors (often referred as Gods) are amphibian-fish-like Beings who came from the stars (heaven) and taught them about our solar system and much more!

Depiction of one of the Beings the Dogon cite as their ancestors from the Sirius Star System

Whether we believe in the Dogon’s claims as to how they got their complex or not -- the fact is that it is well documented that they did know far more about advance science and more than their perceived ‘primitive’ or indigenous state would allow… For the aforementioned reason alone, I find them to be very interesting people and beyond worth of being a point of focus, discussion and dialogue! If you would like to know more about the Dogon tribe, please click on this link;

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