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SEPTEMBER 16, 2010

Today, I went to visit abuddy that I had not seen in a long time. He lives out in Wasilla, AKin the valley. His name is Ralph and we used to get together in thepast and meditate in his father's small sweat lodge and work on ourspiritual growth and healing. This is very powerful because the heatcan reach in excess of 180 degree Fahrenheit and it cleanses thetoxins from your body. In the past we would burn White Sage and justsit there quietly to rid ourselves of negative energy and after thesession, it gives one a feeling of rebirth! Very powerful! He calledme and told me to come on out so I gathered my things and got on theGlenn Highway, heading north. I drove for about 20 minutes and afterpassing North Peter's Creek, I began feeling very agitated anddisoriented. It got so bad that I had to pull over three times.Finally I reached Wasilla and I was supposed to meet him at Walmartso that I could follow him to his house and he could grab some trunksand a towel as I did not know where he lived since he had recentlymoved. I made it about five minutes away from Walmart and had to pullinto Matsu Regional Hospital's parking lot . I called him and askedif he could just meet me there instead and drive my truck since Iwasn't sure what was wrong with me and this was the first time I hadexperienced anything like that. He told me that his girlfriend hadcalled him and was freaking out on him and to just meet him atWalmart. I reluctantly complied and met him in the parking lot. Ithen explained to him how I felt like I had been taking drugs and wasvery disoriented but knew that I had neither drink or anything else.He told me that his girlfriend, apparently a very abusive persontoward him and a powerful psychic vampire, had been taking drugs andwas talking suicide if he meditated (I guess) and was about to meethim there as well and he would try to appeal to her by talking sothat we could go to the sweat lodge and meditate. His girlfriendshowed up and was much opposed to us meditating. We even invited heralong but she turned down the offer. It was clear that she wanted meto go away. She seemed very distraught as if she was under theinfluence of some drug or possessed. It then dawned on me that whatwas happening to me while driving was that I was picking up on herpresence telepathically and it was affecting me greatly! Heeventually convinced her that we were going to do the meditationregardless of what she thought. So we drove off and the girlfriendcalled shortly thereafter stating to him that she was going to go getdrunk, take pills and kill herself. He was undeterred though becausewe both knew that we needed to do it. We set up the fire and sat forabout 40 minutes cleansing out minds, bodies and spirits. It was likebeing reborn! Afterwards we headed back to his place and I hung for abit with him and his kids until it was time to make the trip back toAnchorage. I got back on the road and the feeling was a bit moresubtle but I was still feeling a degree of anxiety. This stayed withme until I got off on the off-ramp to my neighborhood. I then wentback to my home and sanctuary and I was fine! There must be a massiveshift taking place because I had this woman's being attacking medirectly and I picked up on it from thirty miles away. She is clearlypissed now so I told him that I would meditate but I cannot be in herpresence because the negative energy is just too strong! Any thoughtsfrom the board on what I should do because my buddy is a good guy buthe has a history of hooking up with the wrong women and they justsuck the life out of him.


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