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Standing In The Light(smallBio)

When I was an active member at a non-denominational church, I remember when i was new to it all and my passion for it was through the roof. My first time learning that God is everywhere kept blowing my mind because i at first could not comprehend this truth. Also to see many people praying at the same time and knowing that there are countless churches all over the world, How can anyone hear and answer these prayers at the same time? At first it made no sense to me but later I learned and realized that God has to be an entity or energy. Now that clearly made sense.....And then on my journey for truth I also learned that everything is energy and so are we. I will always keep searching for truth and continue to find it, the thing is Absolute truth is what I seek but Relative truth stands in the way from time to time. I believe (which is my truth) that Jesus understood truth,understands truth,and is truth, However His message has been twisted for centries and IM affraid the Bible has been tampered with through these times. I Pray and Meditate for Absolute truth. The answers are within. We are ALL ONE. A peice of a Great ONE....OneLove. side note; pls understand this is my experience and my thoughts and I wanted to share. Ive been Living outside the box for 2yrs now and its great to think freely. Ive been Following ABB for 2 yrs now but never became a member till recently.(sorry ABB) pls Forgive Love your work and community. Peace be with you Always, and to Us ALL as well.


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