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Spirit Communication or Just a Dream...

First of all Hi Family! Okay this is about a dream I had that I can't get out of my mind. I'm going to tell you a little background story first. Please bare with me, I tend to jump around a lot. My great grandmother had died when I was really young and I can only remember faint memories of her. I would remember she would keep us sometimes that is about it. My grandparents are who raised me. My Grandpa died April 4, 2012 of this year. It really got me down for the better part of the year. It was and is still hard for me except the change. Anyways, I can only remember a small part of the dream. I was in my living room standing with my great grandmother. I remember her telling me that she was visting me from the other side. And we carried on some small talk for a little. And I asked where's Grandpa and she said he's waiting to see you. That's where I woke up. Please feel free to comment. I would appreciate it.


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