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Hey I hope everyone is doing great! I've been having this idea and feeling floating around me for awhile. It kind of started after i watched astralboobaby's video about twin flames and soulmates. So I've been seeing my boyfriend for 3 years now. Everythings fine and I think that he's a wonderful person who's unrivaled to anyone i've ever known. But for me I just feel like we're so different and I just feel like we're not really meant to be. I'm confused because I don't know if it's from the idea of having a soulmate and I'm just not aware how a soulmate would be like but I don't feel a strong connection with him. Can anybody tell me what it feels like to have a soulmate? and for anyone who can read people I would like to know if I'll ever find my soulmate or have already found him. I'd really appreciate any advice or help. Thanks everyone even if you just read I love everyone on here!!

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