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I have provided a very interesting link regarding the subject matter of ‘sex before marriage’ (below), partly because I wanted to open up a dialogue about the subject matter within our community. Most of us are pretty much aware of the fact that more people are opting out from the ‘nuclear’ or ‘traditional’ family structure and this alone has changed or is changing a lot of minds and attitudes , when it comes to cultural and social dynamics and expectations within our relationships. Traditional marriage doesn’t have the ‘lure’ and appeal that it once had nor does the religious community have the monopoly on marriage as they once did. Therefore, more people are indeed looking at letting go of a belief or perception of ‘living in sin’, should they engage in sexual activity outside of the confines of marriage or the ‘intent’ to legally marry. In my opinion on the subject matter, I am all for ‘to each his/her own’ but I would hope that if one should engage in sexual activity outside of any commitment; he or she seriously weigh the cost and be willing to pay whatever price there is, should something unforeseen or unfavorable occurs, as the result of a romp on the hay with a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, ‘jump off’ or prostitute (hey, I am not judging, lol).

I could really go in depth on this subject matter but I just wanted to get some of you guys to weigh in…

Do you believe in sex before or outside of marriage or not? If not, why?

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