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Dare to bee impossible?

Yes, that pretty much says all about me.

I am impossible cause I know and feel to much.

I am like a radio recieving everything with no chance to block any channels.

I wish I could, cause if to' many channels of human thoughts/imbalances are send out in the air, I can not hear my own voice.

If I talk with someone, - the splitsecond they are not on" any more, and there thoughts goes elsewhere, I can feel it and sit there talking to thin air.

I feel so unhappy and have troubles most of the time to se the reason for being here. It feels like waist of time.

The most people on earth are like "animals". They only think of them selves and there needs, and the care and responsibility for others are very little- ( In the great picture)

In mean time the earth suffers, and all the human suffers.

If only they couls see, that every action has a re-action. That every greed is the hatred.

If only I could turn of my "radio" in those situations, where imbalance are thrown agains me massive, (I know they do not know they do it) - cause I can not use my highere selfes other places then where balance is or listener are.... not for long time. I feel there feelings and thoughts)

It is impossible.

And where do I go and learn that?

I have meet so many spiritual people in my life. Those that teach others - many of them have big egoes and care for money. What they teach is only what I am born with- and it is elementary.


Now I know I am here to remember how - but I can't because of all the noises.

This is how it feels to bee an empat.

Of cause I have to mention that joy in the air is a great feeling to receive from others.

I do not hope this will bee read as negative, but I feel a bit tired bearing my 60 years


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