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Seeing things???

Hi all. Lately ive been seeing strange things. The first thing is when i am looking out into the open air, i focus my eyes so that i can see right in front of me & then i start seeing these shiney little white dots just floating in & around eachother. They remind me of extra tiny shiney tadpoles. The other thing that i see last night was when i was in bed. I had my bedroom lights out so it was very dark. I was laying there just looking up at the dark ceiling & when my eyes adjusted i started seeing these dark shadows, some were like thick black lines flickering in and out of my focus. My curtains were closed so i know it was'nt light from outside. I also start getting a little headache not long after seeing these things. Am i going mad or what??? Someone give me some advise please as i would like to know what i am seeing. Much Love to everyone. Thank you :-)


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