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“Everyone and everything is consciousness but everything and everyone is not self aware”

“I am you, you are me and we are everything that we see”

“We are compartmentalized consciousness of ONE infinite mind”

“We were all created equal, although all are not treated equal or expressing greatest potentials, equally”

“There is no death because life is continuous”

Listed above, are but a few quotes that I have stated or used over the years as general definitions of who we are within the bigger picture of life. The engine that drives and fuels my motivation have been my own personal experiences and observations beyond the veil but more importantly, it is an inner ‘core’ will and/or KNOWING that simply IS. This KNOWING is within US ALL because we are ALL – fragments of the ALL but so many are still disconnected from the ALL, due to more focus on social, mental and psychological programming designed and reinforced by a temporal and artificial construct (material plane(s). However, we are still witnessing an organic and incremental reconnection to the ALL and for this reason, the traps of the material planes are being shaken up! The ‘shake-up’ is causing some intense resistance across the board (so to speak).

As one could imagine, much has been done and continue to be, in order to stop the individual expansion of self-awareness… Such a revelation will certainly have some powerful implications because when one realizes that he/she is but a fragmented shell of the ALL, she/he will begin to awaken dormant magical or God-like powers and abilities! We will begin to realize that things that many of us have been ‘brainwashed’ and CONditioned to see as ‘super-natural’ or ‘magical’ isn’t super natural or magical at all. The ‘super-natural’ is simply our natural state but due to being born in a word of extreme limitation and purposely fire-walled off from your greater mind potential – our present way of being is thought and believed to the ‘normal’ and that’s the way the global controllers want and need it to be. Why? Because they (the inter-dimensional and global engineers) KNOW that they will never deceive, control, manipulate or fool a Being who is really connected to the ALL! Its all about ‘a few’ in contrast to the whole, holding onto their illusion of power and control. You had better believe that there are covert and overt agendas and conspiracies to hide greater empowering truths away from those who are still under hypnosis or a spell.

Within the link below is a documentary that was sent to my attention a couple of days ago… It is a documentary on how some of the greatest minds in science and quantum physics had learned from the perspective of a ‘left brained’ scientific mind. It is a presentation of powerful information that people such as myself have been saying for years is a measurable and provable fact. You will also see that there was obviously a conspiracy to not allow these findings and teachings to be released and taught in colleges or universities across the country. For those of you who saw my ‘Intelligent Design & Evolution’ video that I had published on Youtube about 3 years ago; you will see that my presentation is in alignment with the information that the scientists learned of… As I watched the documentary, I thought of all of those who wrote me and said things like “where’s the scientific evidence to back up such outrageous claims?” or “You speak ignorance”, etc… All I could think was how well so many have been brainwashed to think that valid and valuable information can only come through by way of left-brain thinking and science. As I have said to them and I will forever say this; ‘sometimes, the evidence we seek is in an ‘inner knowing’ that cannot be measured, presented or explained to a 3rd party in a linear or material way’. Yes, sometimes you just KNOW, when one is connected to the ALL. In the meantime, for those who need a ‘scientific’ presentation or approach – here it is and as I predicted many years ago – there will be more suppressed and hidden revelations to come forth because all that is hidden or suppressed, MUST come to light; universal law 101.


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