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So, lately I have been thinking and researching about the dark undercover stuff that goes on in this world....again, and I can't help but become well quite sad and deppressed because sometimes I feel like it's my fault. You know how your thoughts are really strong and your life is a reflection of you. Well unintentionally I feel like when I do a certain something, I feel and think guilty about the whole thing. It then starts to haunt me in a way in life, like through t.v, ads, and stuff. Like my thoughts are making it stronger and even more real. I know it sounds confusing, but, I don't wish to do those things anymore and I just really and wholeheartedly wish for a better world. So, I will start with myself, I seek better ways of and for peace, if just one thing I can do, any act of kindness that will help progress that no matter how small. I will. I wish well for this world I really do, I hope to bring awareness to the evil things that go on in this world. Surface it to light so that the darkness can be removed from it, justice be seeked, and a whole new loving and forgiving door to open up and embrace this world with love. spread the well wishes of those who are still suffering and in the dark, thank you for reading. Namaste.


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