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This one is to all the dehumanized robots!

If you're able:

To treat people poorly without realizing that it hurts them: You're a ROBOT!

To use another human being like a dead puppet to your own advantage: You're a freakin’ ROBOT!

If all you can think about are your own personal needs all day every day: ROBOT!

If you just don’t have thoughts for the well-being of people in your environment: Your engine is rusty, man!

If you've got no identity of your own and can't think for yourself: I'm sorry, you're a ROBOT!

If you believe everything you hear without even questioning it: You know you're just a robot.

If you demonstrate hate to your children because you have resentment giving them birth: No comments, mom.

If you're asking "how are you" just to be socially accepted;

If you spoil all your given goods as if they were worthless;

If you can throw a fit without feeling the need to say "I'm sorry" ;

If you don't have eyes to recognise any of the beautiful qualities of your own offspring;

If your gaze is blank and you stopped smiling a long time ago;

If you hold on to cruelty after I told you I was sorry: I'm sorry dude, you're just a robot.

If you are working so hard to maintain a static, fake representation of yourself made to manipulate others to your advantage…

If you always blame other people, institutions or outside causes for your problems: Huh, you need a little check-up in the up-there area.

If you get mad as soon as someone has a different opinion than your almighty one;

If you can't say yes to helping someone because it steps you out of comfort;

If your easy path has been used and overused;

If you hold on to keeping your feelings hidden from others;

If you hold a grudge to keep your pride high;

If you mutilate your own heart, promising that you will never love again: I don’t even have comments for this one.

If you think you’re all that, or any of thatRobots everywhere, more and more robots Generations of robots All planned to dehumanize Screaming for a seed of life

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