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Ok, So had a blip of a dream this morning. I think I know what it meant. But then I think I don’t have a clue just want some input.

So, In the dream I was in bed talking to a person who looked exactly like “Dean Winchester” on the TV show supernatural (trust me I have no idea where he came from because my husband looks nothing like that). No monkey business I swear.

I did ask a question and he answered it with a question and I honestly don’t remember the topic. Next for some reason I kissed him (like good by going to work or something of that nature) what I remember of that was he had a fat squishy lower lip soft and spongy. I remember thinking huh. That is weird that is a really abnormally large lower lip. Then I remember getting up looking out the window and my attention was drawn to this sidewalk outside the house connected to side walk was a Rhododendron. The side walk was leading away from the house. It was like a telescoped in on the thing from where I was standing. I got closer and I could see that there were many unopened hanging buds on it. Then I like telescoped in more on one branch. It was in various stages of flowering. Some had closed buds with no signs of opening. Others, Had just the tiniest little splits in them. There was one that was open enough just enough that you could see just a tads of pink and bits of white inside the brown colored shell that covered. It would be in bloom first of these on this particular branch. All over the bush there were various buds in various stages of the blooming or pre-blooming but the farthest along were the ones that were just starting to peek open.

I think I know what it hits at but maybe a different perspective would give me a bigger picture. The reason I know the flower part is important because I can remember it in detail. The lip thing I have no clue. The scenario prior to the flower I only remember just bits of it.



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