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Really Weird Feeling..I Wonder What It Could Be?

Hi Family

Ok so im really new to this site and also new to the whole astral projection and obe thing as well. I don't really know much but im starting to feel different sensations it's not really bad just really really noticeable and i will try my best to try to explain what has been happening. The other night i think i was about to have an obe. im not sure but what other people have been describing an obe it sounds like i was too...i remember that i was lying down on my bed ..i was lying on my stomach (thats most comfortable for me) and i think i drifted off to sleep right after. it didnt seem very long after that that i woke up..well..i think i woke up.i was still laying down on the bed and my eyes were closed .i'll say this.i knew i was asleep but it kinda felt as if i was awake at the same after that i felt like i was slowly sinking in my bed.i didnt really do anything at that point i wanted to see what would happen next...then i felt these vibrations its started from my arms then went across. by then i started to get alarmed but i still waited for awhile. after i realized i couldnt move. but something else was moving i know it's wasn't me, i really freaked out i tried waking myself up but i couldnt really move then i notice my heart was racing so bad..then everything went back to normal...i felt a little dizzy after that. i was soooo scared i promise i didnt know what was happening...but it was something really big i notice after this happend, my back has been feeling really funny i cant really explain it but it was like immediately after what happend i felt some pressure on my back.. it's directly in the center of my back and i still fill vibrations in the center and some heat as well. it doesnt hurt or anything really but i just wanted to know if anybody know what this is because i've been kinda feeling this for two days. i've kinda been up all night afraid to go to sleep because i know that i could have that those same symptoms again and i read that it's not really a good idea to have an obe when you're afraid...but if anyone knows anything or thinks why my back feels like this please let me know

Much Love to You All


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