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Rant about Love


I decided to just go ahead and type about anything something personal, so I want to talk about love. When your first in love everything is all good there’s no arguments, everything is just dandy. Come to find out later that the love you thought you had was not all that perfect, especially when two lovers aren’t satisfying one another it becomes a horrible situation. There’s many aspects I could get into about a relationship and were two lovers went wrong but It has nothing to do with sex or being a sensual lover, it’s more about emotions than anything. Women are more about relationship building than anything, they want to know or try to figure out ways to build a relationship and if that doesn’t work out then you lost. Don’t get me wrong a sexual part of a relationship is important too but the emotional buildup strengthens the relationship and makes the Love making even better, and if it’s not good then you have a problem there also. Although making Love is not everything and it’s not going to be worth anything if you don’t build on it, and it would be just be meaningless sex that could possibly make a baby$$$. The whole core of the relationship in my opinion starts off with the emotions, there has to be more than an attraction for the spark to ignite. I think the first step is stimulating each other’s minds and making each other feel comfortable with one another, because if you’re not comfortable you’re not going to open up with each other, so I would just say take your time loving each other and if it’s not going to work out you’ll know because certain barriers won’t be open… keep in mind that could be from a hurtful relationship from the past so I wouldn’t necessarily give up on a person, because there not opening up it may just be because they’ve been heart broken or in a really bad relationship in the past. Love is like a war if you don’t endure you’re never going to win, so I would just stick it out especially if you’re interested in each other. I would say if that person shows some interest in you but doesn’t know how to fall in love again from there hurtful past, just keep treating them good and over time they will fall in love with you. Love takes time I’ve seen couples last for over 30 years and that’s what I call true love, being in love for two or three years is love but it’s nothing it’s like a crack addict getting a taste of what he loves to do best. Love isn’t perfect either, don’t think you’re going to have some fantasy relationship were you’re going to get everything you wanted because love and life doesn’t work that way my friend. There’s going to be rough times and hurdles you’ll have to overcome. Coming to an agreement is important, in my opinion if you can come to a compromise, and make a mutual agreement with one another then everything will be ok, but if you start disagreeing with each other then you’re never going to work anything out. There’s no science to getting to know someone and falling in love with them, it’s just you expressing how deeply you care about that person, and letting the relationship unfold like the flows of the ocean. Don’t take what I wrote out of context. I mean you can say a lot about love because there are many topics, but in my opinion either you’re going to like that person or you’re not and if there is a mutual connection and things flow right the possibility is there that you just might fall in love.


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