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Came back from quickening and all I can say is WOW! My ancestors were teaching me how to create food from prana while floating in the sky! They kept telling me to concentrate on the energy in order to gather it in between my hands. I looked down and realized I was in the sky! They said, "You mastered flying long ago, now you have to master channeling prana and concentrating it into one point. I noticed that there was a purple chord coming from the ground going right through me into the cosmos, but I wasn't bothered by it! I looked back at what was forming in my hands and it was an apple, but I could sort of see through it! I started smiling and then I returned Maybe my subconscious is telling me that soon my body will require nourishment on an even higher vibration than fruits and veggies. It only makes sense considering these fools are playing with our food and atmosphere. Can't trust anything but food you grew yourself!


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