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Planet and Cat Like Beings.

Hey guys I would like to know if anyone encountered these beings before.

After the intense vibrations and energy surging through my body i found myself going through a portal. I was floating in the air up in some clouds on a planet. I could see the air element flowing throughout the sky. This was a little different. I noticed with the swirls of wind that it was not just the wind but there were actual spirits flying around. One actually manifested infront of me as a Cat-like silhoutte with blue eyes. We communicated by telepathy. I knew what the being was saying to me in that state. It took off and i knew that it wanted me to follow it nd so I did. Then I found myself in darkness and looked up and saw a huge earthlike planet with a gold crown with ancient carvings on it. In the middle of this being was a huge triangle with and actual eye in the middle of the triangle looking at me. I was not afraid and yet i knew who this being was. I had the upmost respect for the being and I was given instructions telepathically. I was taken to a place where i had redo a moment that I had with some family members and so i did. The thing is I felt like i've been through that scenario before and had to do it again right. But ofcourse in this so called awake state when we open our eyes i hadn't. After I completed this task the cat-like being took me back to the point in which i started and asked me if i had any request before i left. (Telepathically ofcourse). I said I would like to go to the SUN. And so i was led there. The Sun was warm and I saw different beings going in and out of the Sun. The RA's of the Sun charged my etheric body as well as my physically body because i could feel the energy flowing through my physical body. I would like as much feedback as I can to help me better understand who these biengs were. I felt like the Air-like cat-beings were one of my guides because it did exactly just that. As far as the HUGE EARTH LIKE_BEING i need some help with that one. Oh by the way the earth being had a golden sash as well also with ancient carvings in it.


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