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Someone had posted a question to me within a group forum that I am apart of on Facebook regarding Ouija boards... I decided to share the respective question and my response here because I feel that there’s a strong relevance among certain members here…


“Astral BooBaby..... what or how do you explain the Quija board? I had an experience and I have seen multiple people who also have had experiences in your opinion is it a hoax or does it have any metaphysical validity?”


The Ouija board is a 'real' conduit for spirits and entities vibrating outside of this frequency or bandwidth to interact or communicate through us within our present vibratory frequency/bandwidth... One can say that when we sit down and use the Ouija board; we are pretty much agreeing to allow our energy or vessels to be conduits for communication, in this regard… How does it work? Well, before I really answer that question – please keep in mind that our bodies are mostly water and this was by ‘intelligent’ design because water is a necessary component for spirit, energy and consciousness to flow ‘fluidly’ within this dense reality… Water is also a perfect conductor of electricity and electromagnetic energy, which is a huge part of what we are in our purest form… Therefore, it is through the water within our vessels that these ‘outside’ forces direct and communicate with us – sort of like how neurons are sent from the brain to move our fingers, hands and body.

The Ouija board summons; opens portals and gateways by way of the body or bodies and energy of the person(s), who has set forth the intent to do so… Spirits and Beings can merge their consciousness with our bodies and send electrical signals to move or direct us in a certain way but as it relates to the Ouija board, the Being(s) is directing the motion to spell out the appropriate words that corresponds to the questions asked or whatever information that they wish to communicate. Here’s the potential danger in using Ouija boards – if our minds are not strong OR if there is a crack in our auric field, an entity can project a portion of their energy or consciousness into our sphere and can continuously influence or even possess the host. For this reason alone; I advise people who are not knowledgeable of the metaphysical or those who obsessively drink alcohol, do drugs; eat a lot of meat; have sex with multiple partners (promiscuous), hateful, hostile, selfish or those who have any form of disease -- DO NOT play with or use these boards. Such persons can easily attract or magnetize a force that would only feed off of or into their present condition and let’s say that this will not manifest anything pretty or beneficial for the host.


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