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Open Your Mind

Not all the solutions can be easily viewed.

They can't always be clear to you.

The details you look for need a little inducing.

You will see the incredible results it is producing.

Open your mind beyond the surface.

Don't always take things on face value.

Relying on this approach won't always wow you.

You can make yourself more whole with the concept.

But if you continue this closure the revealing won't be met.

Open your mind to a higher state.

Imagine your mind is a lock missing the key.

You know it is the only thing to set you free.

When the key turns and the lock detaches.

What you see and feel with what's out there matches.

Open your mind without questioning.

Books equal knowledge which equals power.

Absorb every word you read and watch your thoughts flower.

File them away in your own personal folder.

It will come in handy when you are older.

Open your mind to the impossible.


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