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The last attack.In ten areas, and covered with Seira tripod, but can not damage star Luo Ding nothing, only lock star Luo Ding mobile.Upper bound of ten, was shocked to see the star Luo Ding, immediately realized the trouble comes.<br>Now, not only everyone has to deal with nine other people, will star Luo Ding uptake to leave, then alone will star Luo Ding force out.These two things, the ten all feel very headache.Then, the air, people have maintained their own field, at the same time locked star Luo Ding, quiet very.<br>In the star Luo Ding, always sit cross-legged, like floating in a parallel universe, the whole people in calm conditions.And the soul space, a fierce battle.Joint soul flower life of nuclear and five soul essence, into the soul space, this time around the soul of air, like a little nibble clean.<br>But, let the life of nuclear and soul. Disappointment, soul group, now have inch circle ball in the guardian, from “field ball, for God had sent forth a golden light, divided into six shares, while playing to the life of nuclear and five soul essence.<br>A golden light, let just roared like a fierce wolf life nuclear and soul essence, appeared a kind of instinctive fear, as if they are afraid of the light.While the golden light to them, issued the command is actually make them surrender.<br> This, golden light thoroughly irritated life core and soul essence, although they are afraid of the light, but they are now living in people, it is in any case not agree.Therefore, the life of nuclear and five soul essence, have intense resistance with golden light attack.<br>Life is the nucleus to a spangle, unconvinced of direct confrontation with the lights, is now a non-stop trembling, as if some could not resist.Think about the previous life nucleus can be against the ten immortals level the soul flower, but now the time nuclear but some could not resist the golden light attack, you can imagine, this golden light strong.<br>While the five soul essence, is five light shooting, conscious of the end to end, with the connecting force resisted the golden light attack.However, the five Soul Essence soul fusion technology, still can’t resist the golden light attack, almost completely broke.<br>Sure enough, no two breathing, five soul essence is to break up, but also a good subject to shape, lined up, waiting for the order.The golden light, already five soul fine uniform.Five golden light uniform five soul essence, immediately turn, from five directions with a golden light of common life nuclear attack.<br>Six party attack, but also five road to the same power of golden light help fist, is be placed in jeopardy of potential life nuclear, simply can not bear.All of a sudden <a href="" mce_href="">North Face Denali Sale</a> six light are interwoven into a golden cocoon, the whole life of nuclear inclusions, and then began to tame it.<br>Before long, golden pod disappeared, inch circle ball shoots out the golden rays also disappeared.The grounding soul flower life nuclear, at this time no flashing light, like a cloud of dark gold casting shaped flowers.<br>Life nuclear <a href="" mce_href="">North Face Denali Womens</a> was also subdued.Floating in the star Luo Ding in, then opened his eyes, smile.For God, you are really very powerful, even this time nuclear can overcome, I really admire you.Sincere feeling.


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