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North Face Denali Jackets Words to the last

Best before see online a speech, he persuaded his wife out of.Who wants to hear what he was after, a shy “, how do you say these words to up until this time, found it is with some metaphor, is laughing.

Yes, you get a name for daughter.In the quiet for a period of time, suddenly reminded of things to come.I was surprised, he really put the important things to forget.He remembers his childhood wanted their children to have a good name, but now these childhood to figure out the words for his liking.

Think of very long after, said only called her the nickname of here.This nickname word has soft and correct meaning, I think our daughter’s beauty is affirmative, also hope that she will make a good people.

Well, this name is very good, is called Tang rent promised a channel.After a few days, he stayed in the side, take care of her two daughters,North Face Denali Jackets, now the Jinyiwei have LV bank and Luo raise two people in so don’t he often went to handle affairs.

This one family in the house passed more than 10 days happy days, until the body was recovered.In July twenty to this day, finally decided to his decision to know.In this daily meals, let her sleep, on the chest was saying something, suddenly way love, the day after tomorrow you with Chuo infants go to Shexian for a period of time.

Well in a slightly one, the original we meet face is a variable you want to do that thing you on their side, and without any concealment, so she is to know what you want to do.Yeah, now everything is ready, just waiting for you and take out, begin.

Although the heart is very worried and reluctant, but know the character, and that he do it justice, is in after a long before the love with Chuo son back home, where I wait for you to come and meet us.

Well.I want to be in half an year, I can come to Shexian to meet your mother.To my husband and father is really bad, you’ve just had a baby, Chuo son just born, I will send you away from my side.I know you this is to protect us, but you have to promise me one thing, must keep myself, my children and I can not do without you.

Words to the last, eyes have shining tears.Hold her in his arms, and then exhausted all the strength I promise you, I will not let their children at one birth lost his father.And you know I always move slow,, never a man to threaten me, this one is no exception.

In July twenty-three early in the morning, the mother and daughter two people out of the capital, the canal South to.It doesn’t do anything to hide, because he knows to Dongchang’s eyes and ears, he is hiding from the things here.

And now you are not exposed to enemy with Yan party heart, they will not own the move was too strange.Of course, there have also been know the people questioned by his wife miss, excuse at her mother’s parents, but his mother-in-law and father-in-law wants to have a look granddaughter words to put the past.


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