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New Zodiac

I've been doing some research on the "New Zodiac Signs" and how some people's Signs have changed. On some of the websites that I've browsed over, I run into people posting such like "Do you have any idea how much this changes my life?" And not to disrespect those people, because my sign has infact changed from a Virgo to a Leo... I've always felt that I was not a virgo. I predicted that my sign would be a Leo before I even heard about the signs changing... to 13 Signs. Which is my favorite number.

Anywho, in my opinion... I don't see how this could drastically change people's lives. Me, myself, being really deep into zodiac, constellations, and Spirit- "everything happens for a reason". I believe that everything that has happened was meant to happen for a reason, and that includes what is going to happen.

Maybe this "drastic change" is just a little tester. To see who can handle "drastic changes"...

Because change is coming...



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