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As I continue to communicate with people of all ages, genders, persuasions or walks of life; I am finding a common thread, especially during the cycles that we are in… I have consistently found that within the past 4 years (soon to be 5), a huge amount of people are either experiencing an unprecedented level of challenges; trials and tribulations or confusion as to what direction should they take due to their inner-outer conflict and turmoil. Of course, the aforementioned is sparking a lot of inner-dialogue, desperation, confusion , resentment, hopelessness, anger; thoughts of suicide, etc., and all of these things are very understandable. However, I would like to take a quick moment to encourage and inspire everyone who's reading this message! I am here to remind you, that no matter how tough things are and how bleak your situation may be; this too will pass! In fact, the more intense your situation, the greater and more plentiful your harvest will be after the storm and rain has passed over; THIS is a universal law my family and friends…The key to getting through rough patches and emotional turbulences is to first stay focused on connecting with and setting forth the intent to KNOW in your CORE self! KNOW, that you are BIGGER than your circumstance or situations but the illusionists of this land of mya wants you to beLIEve otherwise.

The second is to find tools, resources and techniques that will help you to ‘cope’ or ‘navigate’ through the ‘storm and rain’ (so to speak). You can do this by finding individuals who have overcome intense hardships – feel their energy and spirit and if possible, learn of the things that they applied to their life or situation and try them for yourself. The next thing that we can do is to ‘express yourself’ in a way that gives you the most joy and excitement. If you cannot think of such a thing – then resort back to the time when you were a child… Think of that ‘thing’ that you did that caused you to detach from the outside world. It could be making mud pies or watching cartoons, just to name a few… When we do this; we are in essence, channeling pure energetic thought projection from our own energy stream, into our present situation; a revitalization of sorts!

As we all prepare to reap our ‘ultimate’ harvest – we should be very clear on the ‘change’ that will come along with the new responsibility of having this amazing harvest… Ironically, many of us struggle through our storms because we sense and know that ‘change’ (be it internally, spiritually, mentally or psychologically) is unfolding but fear it. I would be remiss if I were not to add that ‘change’ is an inevitable part of life. Nothing remains the same – as everyone and everything MUST change! Below is a link that is very relevant to the time that we are in and why and how we can benefit from ‘change’… Again, I inner-stand that it is human nature to ‘fear’ the unknown but I am here to remind us that there is never anything to fear – not even fear itself! Embrace your uniqueness and your evolution towards an even GREATER, more powerful version of YOU!


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