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I just wanted to take a quick moment to share a powerful and vivid dream that I had this morning… The entire dream was/is pretty linear-like and lengthy, so I am going to cut some corners and share the heart and main gist of the dream and m‘impression’ and interpretation of it means for you and I...

The dream had begun with me viewing the outside structure of a massive hotel building… I had begun viewing the scene from a very broad ‘midway angle and point of perspective’, which means that it was as if I was this massive awareness looking at the building midway in the air. As I was looking at this building, my attention immediately focused on three (3) men on two suspended scaffolds (1 man on one scaffold and 2 on the other). They were hovering or hanging about midway of the building structure. The men weren’t fixing anything nor where they cleaning the windows (typical use of how I have seen scaffolds being used). Instead, they were attaching and anchoring two super large banners… One banner had in large red fonts “Hotel” and the second banner had in large read “11” (Hotel 11). When I had seen this, I was thinking with both my lucid mind state perspective as well as my physical mind’s perspective; ‘hmmm, wonder what this is?’, 'I want to go inside and investigate!' The next thing I know, I am on the inside of the building viewing and perceiving from a human point of view. I remember walking into an elevator and pressing the number ‘11’ on the elevator panel… I had instinctively felt that there was a message for me on the 11th floor of this dream-state structure and so I went... I didn’t feel or experience the typical movement of riding up on an elevator… Instead, I push the button, the door closed and reopened and there I was, on the 11th floor!

When the elevator door opened, it was as if I was walking into some kind of convention or the lobby of a concert hall or crowded movie theater… There were people that I didn’t recognize walking the halls, as if there was some kind of convention taking place. As I seemed to be floating through the scene, I noticed that the people there looked to be of all walks of physical life. They were all looking at various scenes within this hotel with wonder, curiosity and amusement. The hotel rooms had walls and dividers within them but from the outside looking in, we could see what was going on within each room. It was as if there were no doors or walls to shield the occupant’s privacy. Those who were on the inside of these hotel rooms didn’t seem to notice that there were all kinds of people walking by and watching them. They were just carrying on with whatever they were doing, as if there was not another person or thing in sight! The people inside of the hotel rooms and those who were on the outside, appeared to be just as ‘solid and real’ to my mind’s eye, if not more-so than people would appear in ‘this’ reality.

Here’s where the dream got really interesting… In one of the rooms, was an energetic impression of one of the media’s most overt celebrity fixations in recent years -- Lindsay Lohan! Unlike everyone else that I had seen, she didn’t appear as solid or ‘real’… Instead, she looked more like a hologram! Ironically, the lighting, quality and texture of her looked identical to the Michael Jackson and Tupac holograms (click here for point of references)… She (Lindsay Lohan) was sitting in a lotus position in the middle of her hotel room, staring off with no clear direction of focus. She was chanting in a strange tongue or language and she appeared to be ‘sprung out’ or 'high' on something… The next and last room that I had come to was very interesting to say the least… It was my aunt Clara! My aunt Clara transitioned from this world in 2009. When I had seen her, she was looking away, paying attention to the white linens that she was folding and neatly putting away in her drawers but at the same time, I sensed and felt that she was the only Being who ‘knew’ that I was there! It was as if she had eyes in the back of her head…

Actress, Lindsay Lohan

When I had seen my aunt Clara and just ‘knew’ that she sensed and saw me and upon this feeling and in an instant, I found myself inside of her room, standing to her right side! Honestly, I can’t seem to recall every word that she said to me in the dialogue we had but I remember her communicating something about “the show” – “do you like the show?” I also remember her communicating something about my cousin Cookie; my aunt’s only surviving daughter. Although I don't remember every word spoken or communicated, I do recall her intention, feelings and impressions behind the words! She gave me the impression that everything is/was going better than even I am realizing... She wanted me to never loose sight that we are but 'characters' playing our role in the greatest show in the cosmos! That WE are in essence all apart of a massive real life Truman Show or ‘real’ reality show but most have forgotten this but a few were destined remember this fact, as part of the collective plot! She had given me the impression that we are ALL super-stars and celebrities in the grand scheme and our own right but the earth detractors and MANipulators of artificial light, uses their celebrity ‘cast’ system (among other systems) to keep the illusion of rank in importance, prestige and value alive and well. The aforementioned is done, so that we continuously doubt ourselves and loose sight of true equality and everyone’s equal value and worth… She reminded me that when such beliefs and systems are in place, we continuously forget who and what we truly are!

I got the impression that in a few unfolding plots, Lindsay Lohan will be used as ‘major’ distraction (the same way that has been done in the past) at a pivotal point in linear time but we must not allow ourselves to get distracted. In addition, I had gotten the impression that we are ALL being watched (some moreso than others, of course) and that there is no real privacy. This is being expressed and shared, not to generate paranoia or fear but because this we need to know, so that we may begin to stand in our truth no matter what. That way, we won’t live a life of hiding, when in fact, ‘hiding’ is yet another layer of the grand illusion!

I would be remiss if I were not to come back to the number 11 because not only was it a strong theme in the dream that I had just shared but it is and has been for years, a constant reminder and theme in our physical lives… Like many of you, I have been seeing this number 11:11 everywhere (digital clocks, receipts, email messages and the likes). My deceased aunt’s house address starts with 1101 .(click here to learn more about the most common symbolic meaning of the number 11).. My aunt’s birth date was the 29th (2+9 =11) and my aunt made her transition in 2009 (2+9=11)(click here to learn more about the most common symbolic meaning of the number 11)..… My aunts birthday month is March (the 3rd month of the year)... The number three (3) is synonymous to the holy trinity or the biblical story of the 3 wise men. Also, remember the 3 men, outside of the hotel building putting up the banner? It’s all symbolic of the spiritual power and relevance behind the number 3… Those who are privy to astrology will most likely understand the relevance of what I am sharing in this regard… Is this all a coincidence? I don’t think so.

In closing, I share this dream with you guys to remind you to please pay attention to your dreams – (lucid or not). Write dream journals and learn how to decode or interpret them as best as you can because there’s more to them than we have been taught or even realize… Your dreams may well be a powerful reminder, revelation and or prophesy for you, your family or humanity! So stay hydrated and mindful of your dreams!

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry to completion

Immeasurable love,

ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

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