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My first Astral revelation!

Hellow family,I am more than happy to be apart of this community,and more than glad to share my very first Astral projection.Its nothing to major,but for me it was a life changing revelation!

So this happened about 3-5 months ago.I went to bed around what I guess was midnight or maybe a half an hour past it.I awoke to think I had...well...AWOKEN.I was going to get up,but something felt strange,I felt like I was sinking in my bed,before I knew it I WAS! I was literally half way in my bed,at first I thought I was having some kind of lucid dream,but it was far to real.More real than physical life! Everything seemed so vivid,I felt so at peace,almost like what astralboobaby had talked about,this being I think was called teleshrkea (I think thats how its said lol).Anyways,it felt like that being was in the room with me,I felt just a oceanic sense of rapture,I then noticed that I had sunk into my bed,as I looked down,all I saw was vibrations and light! I dont know how to desribe it but the "air" seemed to be vibrating itself or something,and everything inside of the floor was white,dense,and appeared to be vibrating.I then awoke,and I kid you not,I sat there for nearly 10 minutes smiling at celling.It had been a truely remarkable experience beyond my very own comprehension.

Thanks for reading family,and happy travels!


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