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My first Astral projection

The first Astral projection I can recall, which I only have two that I have a memory of, but anyways I was about 16or 17 and I awoke in the middle of the night from a bad dream. I actually jolted up in the sitting postion like you see people who have nightmares doing in movies. Well I really had to tinkle so I was going to make a dash for the bathroom when something yanked me back down to the lying down postion and really HARD. It yanked me so hard I actually went though the bottom of my bed and was instantly yanked back up to my original sitting up position, again yanked back down under the bed and up again this went on what seemed forever but maybe lasted about a minute. All the while I was being yanked I could see two versions of me the one being yanked around and the one still lying asleep in the bed. It finally released me and i made my dash to the bathroom. I rememember so clearly sitting on the toilet looking into the wall of mirrors wondering wtf just happened to me? I actually chuckled. I think I was happy it was over I guess.

The next day at school I explained the weird event to a friend on the school bus who explained that I had experienced and obe but during it I became afraid and a natural reaction is to return to your body. But let me tell you these pulls were so hard and so forced it felt like something was attacking me, had it not being for me seeing myself in two places I wouldnt have believed him. I never again did it to that extent atleast have a memory of it. But I have been lucid dreaming since i was about 7 years old and many of those dreams im flying so im not perfectly sure if some of those were not astral projections.

I would love to be able to have a full experience and be able to remember it but no luck so far....


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