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My auric cleansing

Last night I had my first auric cleansing performed by the awesome Robbydoo. The night prior we had discussed how negative beings/energies could attach themselves to us and how to rid them. Robby went on to tell me that he could do just that by sending healing energies to me and we planed for 8:30 my time the next night. Just before 8:30pm I took a shower and drank the two glasses of water suggested by Robby. I sat myself on the couch facing my computer and the games began!

I put on some soothing Chakra meditation music: The Heart of Reiki-Merlins Magic chakra meditation.

Closed my eyes and envisioned myself in a cocoon of intense white light all the while inviting the healing energies in. Soon I began to feel as if something was moving or crawling over my arms and the top of my thighs. My first instinct was to brush the feeling away but thought no, this is part of the process. What are the odds that bugs would have all of a sudden been crawling specifically on those areas? So I went with it, soon to be overcome with heat. The heat came and went like a wave about every 10 seconds or so and I broke a very slight sweat. I was like wow! I'm actually feeling this! I began to feel light and giggly and tingly all over. When the process was finished, Robby sent a message telling me so and asked how I was feeling. I told him all that I mentioned above but that the heat was still surging, he stated that this was normal. The heat kept on for about another 20 minutes still in the waves and when it subsided I felt very cool and relaxed...amazing. Another thing Robby mentioned was that I should pay close attention to the way I might be feeling over the next few days because some of the emotions I may experience could just be that of the negative attachments brought to the surface to be healed. As of yet I feel great! Thank you again Robby!


P.S I forgot to mention he suggested I drink another two glasses of water after! UGH! LOL *wink


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