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More On Control...

Letting go of control...

There is a fine line between supporting someone and trying to do things for them... We need to let go of the illusion that we can control circumstances and outcomes in others lives... it is only natural for us to want to make things better for others, but that is just not our job! We can be caring and compassionate towards them, yet we still need to allow them to be!

It is really non of our business to deprive anyone of their life experiences and lessons! No matter how heartfelt the intention - solving their problems is not an act of love, but of sabotage!

When we honor their growth process we are not really abandoning them! We are allowing them the opportunity to meet the challenges they have created/set up in order for them to evolve Spiritually! We must conserve our energy in serving others and striking a balance is necessary!

Know what is feasible for you to do... then let go of unrealistic expectations - do what you can do -

then let God handle the rest!


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